Ronald Laporte print  
Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology in 1977, Masters degree in Epidemiology, 1981
· 505 publications in Epidemiology, Global Health, and Internet
· First Distinguished Teacher, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh 1989.
· Lillienfeld Award, APHA for outstanding life time achievement in education
· Director, Disease Monitoring and Telecommunications, WHO Collaborating Center, Dept of Epidemiology · Developer and PI of the WHO multinational Project for Childhood Diabetes, involving 155 centers in 70 countries
· 1994 Developer, Global Health Network,
· Numerous funded national and international projects from NIH, and NASA
· Kelly West Diabetes Epidemiology Award from the American Diabetes Association
Building a Supercourse of Science
Ronald E. LaPorte, Ph.D. Francois Sauer, M.D. Ismail Sergeldin, Ph.D. Vint Cerf, Ph.D. Science and education used to go hand in hand. However during the past decade the speed and specialization of Science have markedly outpaced education. What we see in higher education now, often is 5-10 years old, much well beyond its "expiration date". In addition education in developing countries is in need due to the paucity of scientific journals. We proposed to establish a Supercourse of Science based upon the principles of our Global Supercourse of prevention. During the past 7 years we have networked over 31,000 faculty in 151 countries to improve the science of prevention world wide. The goal was to improve global education is science. To accomplish these we have developed a simple, but powerful system whereby scientists share their best, most exciting lectures with each other. A scientists at the CDC could use a lecture on the epidemiology of West Nile Fever, and a scientist in the Sudan could present using a template lecture on the epidemiology of diabetes by an expert from Pittsburgh. We have build a free lecture library which has 2502 top quality lectures. Lectures have been provided by 6 Nobel Prize winners, 60 members of the Institute of Medicine, Ministers of Health, etc. In addition the Supercourse has created a system of Just-in-Time lectures for example with the Tsunami, or Bam Earthquake where a top-flight lecture is built by world's experts within a day after the event begins, and continues to be updated. Our Just-in-Time lectures have been seen by over 1,000,000 students world wide. We plan to work with you, and the Library of Alexandria to establish a Supercourse of Science where we network a million scientists from 100s of disciplines, and then collect 1000s of top quality scientific lectures for all to use.