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Rafik Nakhla a graduate pharmacist. He holds a Master degree in Quality Management from the University of Wolverhampton, (U.K.)
After five years of training and sales experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, he became a lecturer in Sales and Marketing with the AUC and a visiting lecturer with the AAGSB. He is also a Management Consultant.
In October 2002 he joined Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) as the Training and Human Resources Consultant; he is currently the Director of Personnel.
He contributed to several international conferences in BA; Biotechnology voices of the north and the south in 2002, Ethical and social responsibility of science and technology 2002, Teaching math and science in the 21st century 2003 and Biovisionalexandria2004. He participated in the pre conference workshop of the Arab Reform Forum and the Education Reform Forum
He is a member of the 2005 Board of Examiners of the National Award for Excellence
Some Publications:
Nakhla, R. (2004) Biotechnology a Controversial Technology. Alexandria: Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
Nakhla, R. (2003) Biology Curriculum in Secondary Schools in Egypt. Alexandria: Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
El Tayeb, M., El Mofty, M., Eid, M., Refai, A., Abdo, A., Nakhla, R. (2005) Reform issues in Continuous Education and vocational development. Alexandria: Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Education Reform Forum
Schneider, C., Nakhla, R., Soliman, S., Erbisch, F. (2004) An overview of Biovision Alexandria 2004. Alexandria: Bibliotheca Alexandrina/The Doyle Foundation