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Dr Anil Kapur is Vice–Chairman World Diabetes Foundation, Vice-President Novo Nordisk Corporate Stake holder Relations – Asia, and Trustee of the Novo Nordisk Education Foundation. He has written books on diabetes both for medical professionals and lay people and published more than sixty papers in the areas of Internal Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Diabetes in national and international journals. He has coordinated two large studies ‘Cost of Diabetes Care in India’ and the ‘National Urban Diabetes Survey’ and developed a nutritional software package called NINA. He has presented numerous lectures on diabetes, in India and abroad.
The WDF Initiative: Brief overview of projects
Diabetes is already a public health problem in the developing world and regarded as a major cause of premature mortality and morbidity. It is amongst the leading causes of blindness, renal failure, heart attacks, strokes and limb amputations. Due to a compromised immune system, bacterial and fungal infections are also common and pose a health hazard for diabetics. Poor and disadvantaged people tend to be diagnosed later, have less access to treatment and consequently suffer more acute and late complications, limiting productivity and increasing economic burden. Effective intervention reduces health and economic burden of diabetes and requires focusing on prevention - primary prevention – promoting healthy living, and secondary prevention - reducing the burden of complications by early diagnosis and proper care. World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) aims to address and potentially limit the epidemic by bringing diabetes higher on the global health care agenda as well as fund sustainable projects in awareness, primary prevention, building healthcare capacity, and improving access to care in the poorest countries. The strategy is to act as a catalyst - help others do more – thereby making a greater impact than the Foundation’s size would suggest. WDF, established in 2002 through a commitment of 500 million Kroner over ten years by Novo Nordisk A/S, is registered as an independent trust and governed by a board of six experts in the field of diabetes, access to health and development assistance. WDF raises funds from other sources to support specific projects ensuring a multiplier effect; for every dollar spent it receives approx three dollars in cash or kind from other sources. At present WDF supports 64 projects in 60 developing countries. These projects will directly impact the lives of 27.5 million people with diabetes in developing countries. For information on WDF funded projects please visit: