Copts in the Egyptian Society before and after the Muslim Conquest

36 L.E.


Editors: Loaay Mahmoud and Ahmed Mansour


This publication provides us with a variety of topics that addressed various aspects of life in the Coptic period, which have been classified under social history, language, art, restoration and maintenance sciences, theology, and archeology.


These topics have been discussed at the First International Conference of Coptic Studies, which was organized by the Writing and Scripts Center at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 21–23 September 2010, under the title of ‘Life in Egypt during the Coptic Period: Towns and Villages, Laymen and Clergy, Bishops and Dioceses’.


The scholars can identify the most important topics raised in the Coptology, and ultimately reach useful results that help them at research, through this publication.
This work is considered a realistic and diverse vision for the Egyptian society due to the intense interaction between its different constituents; the Egyptian society that proves day after day the mosaic-like formation of its historical structure, which despite its diversity, has managed to provide us with a coherent image representing all phases of Egyptian history.