Reading the Maya Glyphs

60 LE


Author: Michael D. Co. Translators: Dr. Isahaq Ebeid, Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani, Dr. Mostafa Riyad and others.


The deciphering of Maya hieroglyphic writing either listed on the monuments, or written in the manuscripts, or painted or carved on ceramics, can be read easily with some confidence now. Such decipherment had completely changed our knowledge about the ancient civilization, and gave the Mayan people a long history that other areas are missing it especially from the New World in Columbia before. Many years ago, the scientific knowledge of this type of script was confined on the scientists and art historians and other specialists.

Calligraphy Studies Center had translated and published this book into Arabic. It was translated by a group of professors who are specialized in the field of translation as Dr. Isahaq Ebeid, Dr. Mervat Fashal and Dr. Mustafa Riad. Ahmed Mansour, Azza Ezzat, Yasmin Abdou and Radwa Zaki had also participated in the translation of the book and were able to present the idea of this book into Arabic easily, despite the accuracy of the subject and specialization. Dr. Mohammed Abdul Ghani had reviewed the Arabic language for this book and gave careful attention to adjust and compare it with the English version, in a very simple way free from any complications.