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Sustainable Development Indicators


  • Social Capital and Social Wellbeing-August 2002
  • Implementing Sustainable Development-Abaza & Baranzini
  • CEDARE at a Glance
  • Conservation for a New Era-Jeffrey A. McNeely and Susan A. Mainka
  • Clean Power from Deserts-WhiteBook  4th Edition
  • Red Paper-An Overview of the Desertec Concept
  • Sustainable Development and OPEC-Herman E. Daly
  • Valuation of Environmental Resources-John A. Dixon
  • Ecological economics-Salah El Serafy
  • A Guide to Environmental Mainstreaming-Barry Dalal-Clayton and Steve Bass
  • Sustaining Our Common Future-From the Periphery to the Core of Decision Making
  • Education in Italy: is there any return? Germana Bottone
  • ISAE Report-Setting National Priorities. Material and immaterial infrastructures-June 2008
  • Ensuring Environmental Sustainability The Key Challenges-Ian Curtis – DFID
  • Ecosystems and Human Well-Being (Opportunities and Challenges for Business and Industry)
  • Ecosystems and Human Well-Being (Synthesis)
  • Modelling scenarios towards a Modelling sustainable use of natural resources in Europeresources Europe
  • Shifting Egypt's Electricity tp Renewables for Security of Supply-Mobarak & Nokraschy
  • New Technology Produces Economic Solar-Electricity combined with Sea Water Desalination-Nokraschy
  • Concentrating Solar Power for Sea Water Desalination-Trieb & Nokraschy
  • Realising a Political and Financial Framework for Renewable Energy Partnership Europe/MENA-Nokraschy
  • Resource Accounting in Measures of Unsustainability-Neumayer
  • The Well-Being of Nations: The Role of Human and Social Capital
  • Life Cycle Approaches Meeting Policy Development-Schepelmann
  • Scenarios, modeling, backcasting… in long-term planing for SD-Hinterberger
  • Renewable Energy Mix in Egypt-Nokraschy
  • Bowling together-OECD Observer
  • Steering by the Right Compass: the Quest for Better Assessment of the National Product-El Serafy
  • The “El Serafy” Method for Estimating Income from Extraction and its importance for Economic Analysis
  • Introduction to the Economics of Pollution Control: Health Issues-Dixon
  • Lifecycle assessment-Schepelmann
  • Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme-January 2009
  • Comprehensive Wealth and Future Consumption: Accounting for Population Growth
  • Genuine Savings: Leading Indicator of Sustainable Development?
  • Where is the Wealth of Nations? Measuring Capital for the XXI Century
  • Environmental Valuation: Challenges and Practices
  • Measuring Coral Reef Ecosystem Health: Integrating Societal Dimensions
  • Where is the Wealth of Nations?