Volume: 138 Issued: December 2018
Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP), a research center established in July 2003 in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, aims to play a significant role in the progress of science and technology in Egypt. The CSSP will help researchers and scientists to get the best support needed to advance their work through international collaborations.
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  • Happy New Year
  • Young Scientists Training Program (YSTP)
  • Alexandria Dialogue, Egypt in 2050: The Anthropocene: What Will a Sustainable Life in Egypt in 2050 Be Like?
  • Launch of the PRIMA Calls 2019
Happy New Year


Young Scientists Training Program (YSTP)

 Research Ethics Essentials: Conduct your research Responsibly

The Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP) in collaboration with The World Academy of Sciences for the Advancement of Science in Developing Countries Arab Regional Partner (TWAS-AREP) organized a workshop entitled: “Research Ethics Essentials: Conduct Your Research Responsibly” within the framework of the Young Scientists Training Program. The workshop was held from 18to 20 December 2018 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt.

The three-day workshop aimed at providing a comprehensive approach on how to conduct the research responsibly. Over the workshop days, the participants learned in interactive sessions the main issues facing researchers while conducting their research, to enable them to produce quality responsible research that matches the international standards.

Over ten sessions, the workshop covered the following topics: 

o Principles of Ethical Research
o Animal Use in Research
o Publishing Research Results
o Authorship Criteria and Conflict of Interest
o Plagiarism, Data Fabrication and Falsification
o Research With Dual Use Potentials
o Collaborative Research

The workshop was presented by 11 distinguished speakers from different Egyptian universities and scientific institutes. It was also attended by 34 participants from the Arab Region.

Alexandria Dialogue, Egypt in 2050: The Anthropocene: What Will a Sustainable Life in Egypt in 2050 Be Like?

On 5 and 6 December 2018, the third Alexandria Dialogue entitled “Egypt in 2050: The Anthropocene: What Will a Sustainable Life in Egypt in 2050 Be Like?”, was held at Bibliotheca Alexandrina.  

The Alexandria Dialogues are a series of interactive engagements discussing the future of Egypt in the year 2050 that is held through a partnership between the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (represented by the CSSP) and the United Nations Resident Coordinator Office Egypt (UN RCO), the Office of the Highest Representative of the United Nations in Egypt, as per the signed Memorandum of Understating (MoU) between both parties, last July 2018. These dialogues seek to build scenarios, examine future socioeconomic challenges and uncover sustainable pathways towards vibrant and prosperous Egypt in 2050. Using the latest foresight techniques, the Alexandria Dialogues offer opportunities to a broad spectrum of decision-makers to exchange ideas, perspectives and points of views about a sustainable future for Egypt in 2050.  

December Dialogue was attended by 28 experts, representing different Egyptian Sectors, discussing the direct and indirect impact of climate change: the importance of water in all its dimensions, energy sources, resilience, consumption patterns, technological innovation, spatial development and urbanization; emerging health risks and opportunities, food production and security.

Launch of the PRIMA Calls 2019

PRIMA - Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area is the most ambitious joint programme to be undertaken in the frame of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

The overall objective of the PRIMA programme is to build research and innovation capacities and to develop knowledge and common innovative solutions for agro-food systems, to make them sustainable, and for integrated water provision and management in the Mediterranean area, to make those systems and that provision and management more climate resilient, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally and socially sustainable, and to contribute to solving water scarcity, food security, nutrition, health, well-being and migration problems upstream.

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