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John O'Connor


Independent Consultant, OconEco Head of the Indicator Team at the Environmental Department, The World Bank



  • Since 1995, John O'Connor has been developing innovative sustainable development strategies and metrics and consulting in this area through OconEco and TrueVue Solutions. Clients include major corporations, government agencies, and international organizations.
  • He began the World Bank's environmental indicator unit and pioneered the wealth or capital approach to sustainability in its report, Monitoring Environmental Progress, for which he was the main author while Senior Advisor in the World Bank Environment Department (1992-5).
  • As Chief of Comparative Analysis & Data (1985-91), he managed the Bank's main quantitative decision support systems, notably per capita income guidelines for operational purposes, and publications like World Development Indicators and the World Bank Atlas.
  • During this period he focused on integrating social and economic indicators and devised metrics for economies in transition.
  • He was External Debt Advisor to the Government of Bolivia in 1985 and before that held various positions in the IMF, ending as Chief of International Banking & External Debt.
  • He was a founding member of the IISD-sponsored Consultative Group on Sustainable Development Indicators; a Trustee for the Millennium Institute; played an active role in developing the EU-sponsored Dashboard of Sustainability; and otherwise has done pro bono work to stimulate decentralized, market oriented decision-making.