The Third Bi-annual Competition (Literature)

From 08 Mar 2015 To 30 Mar 2015 Bayt Al-Sinnari for Science, Arts and Culture

 The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) invites young talents from the ages of 12-16 and 18-34 to enter its upcoming competition in Poetry Writing (on the theme of Motherhood).

The competition is regarded the third round of the Bi-Annual Art Production Competitions organized by the BA within the framework of the program support to Cultural Diversity and Creativity in Egypt, and hosted by Bayt Al-Sinnari for Science, Culture and Arts, in Sayeda Zeinab district in Cairo.

Through this competition, the BA aims to give young Egyptian talents the chance to showcase their work at a seminar held in Bayt Al-Sinnari. The winners of the competition will be selected by a team of judges composed of experts and renowned Egyptian writers and poets. A celebration will take place to honor the winners, and their works will be featured in a publication documenting the event. All submissions should be made in accordance to the
criteria specified below.

The Bi-annual Art Production Competitions are held twice a year and are centered on various art forms including; photography, graphic design, film making, painting, and literature. These competitions strive to connect the participants and create visibility for their works, as well as provide them with the opportunity to network with each other and other artists.

Competition Calendar:

  • Announcement of the Competition: 8th of March, 2015.
  • Deadline for submitting entries: 25th of March, 2015.
  • Jury meetings: 26th of March, 2015.
  • Announcement of the competition results and the exhibition of artworks: 30th of March 2015, at Bayt Al-Sinnari, starting from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Criteria for Participation:

  • The competition is open to Egyptian youth from the ages of 12-16 years and 18-34.
  • The competition is open for amateurs, with an understanding of the artistic principles of the art form.
  • Each entrant must fill out the application form listed below.

Criteria for Submission:

  • All works must touch upon the theme of “Motherhood”.
  • All works entered must be original in concept, writing, and execution.
  • All works must not have been submitted in a previous competition
  • All entries submitted must be written in the Arabic language.
  • Participants must fill out the attached application form and send it to, along with a copy of their work.

Criteria for the Selection of Winners and Artworks to be Exhibited

  • A panel of experts in the field of literature and poetry writing will be responsible for selecting the winning works.
  • The poems submitted will be assessed on the basis of the:
    • Interpretation of the theme to the reader.
    • Creativity and originality of the work.
    • Quality of artistic composition.
  • Following the exhibition, Bayt Al-Sinnari will keep all the winning works, which will be featured in a publication documenting the event and showcased in another exhibition at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina by the end of the program.
  • Winners of the competition will receive non-cash awards.
The deadline for submitting the entries is on the  25th of March, 2015.


Bayt Al-Sinnari
: Haret Mongue, Sayeda Zeinab (near the Saneya girls school), Cairo. View Map.
Contact number: 01022214205 – 01007182570 - 23926031