Prof. Therese Encrenaz

Observatoire de Paris.

Field of expertise

Solar system : atmospheres of planets, satellites and comets (chemical composition, thermal structure). Origin and evolution of solar-system bodies.

Remote sensing techniques : infrared and millimeter spectroscopy of planetary atmospheres

Main scientific results

-Determination of elemental and isotopic abundance ratios in the giant planets (C/H, D/H, H/He, P/H.)

-Detection of new parent molecules in Halley's comet (CO2, hydrocarbons)

-Detection of many new minor species in planetary atmospheres hydrocarbons in giant planets, CO in Uranus, H2O2 on Mars.)

-Observation of the Jovian atmosphere at the time of the SL-9 collision ; analysis of the thermal structure, detection of H2O


over 180 articles in refereed journals