“Egypt is Beautiful through Graffiti” Contest at Sinnari House

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The BA Sinnari House (Cairo) is organizing the first “Egypt is Beautiful through Graffiti” Exhibition contest, which is set to be held at the end of July 2016.

The exhibition aims to define graffiti as a form of freestyle artistic expression on different surfaces, especially walls, using writing or drawings.

The exhibition that will be held alongside the contest aims to acknowledge the message of the art of graffiti and its artists, and it aims to clarify that graffiti is a form of art that combats foulness and dull blocks of concrete. It also promotes for holding an annual exhibition and an annual forum with a different theme and message each year.

The submitted work must be executed on Canson or Fabriano paper (350 grams), and the measurements of the paper should be either 70*100 cm or 70*50 cm. Each contestant is free to use any kind of colors and any technique he/she prefers. The participating artworks should express topics that revolve around beauty in Egypt and should not have any immoral, political, or religious content.

Candidates must be 18–45 years old. Each applicant must submit a brief artist statement (100 words maximum) and can submit only one artwork.

Submission deadline is 15 July 2016. Any submissions made after the aforementioned deadline will be dismissed. The contest application form should be filled at Sinnari House when submitting the participating artwork. Winning submissions are going to be announced on 21 July 2016.

Winners will be awarded with certificates of appreciation, and their selected artworks will be showcased in an exhibition titled “Egypt is Beautiful through Graffiti”.

The artworks should reflect the artists’ vision of adorning Egypt’s walls—especially the walls in slums and rural areas, on the walls of metro and train stations, and on the walls surrounding archeological sites. They should also reflect how graffiti can contribute to revitalizing and promoting tourism.