The BA Library Sector discusses the applications of the “Internet of Things” in information institutions

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The BA Library Sector organizes a webinar entitled “The Internet of Things and its Applications in Information Institutions” on Wednesday, 24 June 2020, at 8:00 pm, through the BA Information Services Facebook page.

The webinar will introduce the emerging term “Internet of Things” that is based on a system of interrelated devices such as sensors and tools of Artificial Intelligence, among others. It will tackle the advantages of this new system that enables humans to control objects without having to be present in a certain place, handling a certain device.

The event will address the possibility of expanding the use of the “Internet of Things” with Artificial Intelligence and high-speed computers, in order to increase the efficiency of different industries, help with the management of new cities and facilities, and improve the quality of life in Egypt. It will also highlight the applications of the “Internet of Things” in education, libraries, information institutions, and other fields that work on improving the quality of life for individuals and society.