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  Who is Shadi Abdel Salam
  The Night of Counting the Years
  The Tragedy of the Great House


With this confident spirit, SHADI ABDEL SALAM opened his film, The Night of Counting the Years (Al-Momiaa), confirming that the old glory “will return”.

Shadi Abdel Salam

More than three decades ago, SHADI ABDEL SALAM, descendant of the ancient pharaohs, stirred the amazement of the western world when he introduced his film Al-Momiaa otherwise known as The Night of Counting The Years. Art critics knew then that a new phenomenon in the Egyptian film industry was unfolding before their eyes.

View from the Exhibiton
Part of the Museum

Reviving awareness of the ancient Egyptian heritage was SHADI ABDEL SALAM’s life's work. He believed that only by reconnecting the broken link in their distant past could the modern Egyptians muster the vision and inspiration necessary to launch them on a new path. He chose the cinema as the medium to convey his ideas and thoughts, and through his film, The Night of Counting the Years (Al-Momiaa), his mission was fulfilled. Shadi Abdel Salam also left his mark in the field of decoration and costume designs, which were presented in the dozen movies he had produced since his graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1954. These included: Wa Islamah, Antar ibn Shaddad, Almaz wa Abdu El Hamouly, El Khataya, Shafiqa El-Copteya, Rabi’a Al-Adaweyya, Amiret El-Arab, Amir El-dahaa, Bein El Kasrein, El Seman wal Kharif and Adwa’ El-Madina. In addition, he acted as a history consultant for the prospects and costume of the Polish film Pharaoh directed by Kawalerowicz.

To honor his outstanding accomplishments, a permanent exhibition has been dedicated to the personal literary, cinematic works and paintings of the celebrated Egyptian director, production designer and film-maker, Shadi Abdel Salam.

Furniture dating back to the 17th century that belonged to Shadi’s house, as well as his book collection, are displayed at the exhibition.
View from the Exhibition


The Mummy final scene

The Night of Counting the Years, directed by Egyptian filmmaker Shadi Abdel Salam, was released in 1969.


Horemheb the Leader The Tragedy of the Great House

The Tragedy of the Great House, also known as Akhenaten, the leading character of the film, is an unfinished production that Shadi died before completing.



One of the Costumes Costume Design
for Famous Egyptian Films

Assemblies of exhibited paintings represent different styles of costumes designed by Shadi Abdel Salam for various Egyptian famous films.