Summer Program 2011
12 June 2011 - 25 August 2011

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The PSC invites children and youth, 4 – 16 years of age, to join the Center's Summer Program, 12 June to 25 August 2011. The Program includes a variety of activities such as: practical experiments, scientific contests, lectures, Planetarium and Auditorium shows.

Participants are divided into groups according to their ages. Each group has a number of time schedules from which each participant chooses according to his convenience. The purpose of this program is to emphasize the bond between students and learning by approaching knowledge through fun and games. There are also other programs for the summer including the Chess Club, the I camp, and Electronics Club.

This summer the PSC is organizing a number of workshops that encourages children to explore their creativity and find out how to use it in their life; all the while enriching their knowledge. In our workshops, students are able to interact with each other and with the world around them in an exciting and entertaining manner; they are guaranteed to have a blast!

Dancing with Colors
Colors are all around us; they make our world beautiful in many ways, and they certainly stimulate children’s imagination. In this workshop, children will learn some interesting facts about colors and discover what they can do with them.
  • Target age: 4-6 years

ABC Science Workshop
The workshop involves different simple and entertaining experiments, using simple everyday and recycled materials that could be found around at home. The experiments will cover the digestive system, acid and base reactions, and batteries.

  • Target age: 6-8 years
Use Your Five Senses!
In this workshop, children will be involved in activities and experiments on sensory experiences to explore the human five senses. They will be able to identify, compare, classify and investigate the world around them.
  • Target age: 6-8 years

Kids City
Kids City is a place for fun learning, offering students a unique and exciting experience. It includes a hospital, a factory, a police station, a nature park, and shops; children are encouraged to explore the different roles in our community.

  •  Target age: 6-8 years
The Science of Art
Children will discover the science behind art crafts and learn how to make use of everything in their life, especially everyday waste. The workshop includes activities such as making papyrus using modern paper and coffee, and making artistic pieces using regular cardboard boxes.
  •  Target age: 6-8 years
Do it Yourself (1): Cosmetics
In this workshop, not only will children learn how to prepare their own perfumes and bath fizzers using natural products, they will also experiment with different ingredients and learn the chemistry behind the prepared compounds.
  •  Target age: 6-8 years
Legendary Egypt: part I & II
In the first part, children learn the mummification process using a human model, know the chemical materials used during the process and make a canopy jars. In the second part, children will make a tomb model and discover the ancient Egyptian chemical elements as well as the different types of dyes.
  •  Target age: 6-11 years
The Chemistry behind Everyday Products
Chemistry exists in everything we put our hands on during the day. Children will learn how different everyday applications and products; such as shampoo, photocopiers, printers, among others; work and relate to chemistry.
  •  Target age: 9-11 years
There is more to sugar than the sweet white substance we add to our food and drinks. Children will discover the kinds of sugar, and distinguish the difference between simple unilateral sugar and complicated bilateral sugar, among other interesting facts.
  •  Target age: 9-11 years
Do it Yourself (2): Remedies
In this workshop, children will learn how to prepare herbal remedies; such as syrups, infusions, creams or ointments; using natural products and different techniques. They will also learn the chemistry behind those remedies.
  • Target age: 9-11
Everyday Changes
Though we might not notice, chemical reactions are all around us, and chemical changes occur all the time in our daily life. Children will make orange soda, experiment with cucumbers and pickles, and make cheese from milk, among a variety of other activities.
  •  Target age: 9–11 years
The life of a secret agent is unmasked in this workshop! Children will follow their footsteps and try out their gadgets to analyze fingerprints, decipher secret codes, among many other exciting things that all involve science.
  •  Target age: 9-11 years
Geologist for a Day
Much more than naming rocks and digging up fossilized bones, geologists unravel Earth’s story. Children become geologists for a day to learn how the dynamic forces that shape the Earth work, and use this knowledge to predict their effects on Mankind.
  •  Target age: 9-11 years
Forensic Science
Like detectives, participants will collect and analyze evidence to discover suspects through identifying fingerprint patterns, tool marks and shoe prints, as well as using hairs and fibers as evidence, and examining blood samples.
  •  Target age: 12-16 years
The Science behind Balls
There is an actual science behind balls; what they are made of, how high they can bounce, and why certain balls are used in certain sports. In this workshop, participants learn many interesting facts about the science of balls.
  •  Target age: 12-16 years
The aim of this workshop is to introduce nanotechnology to young people through a brief history of its presence in nature and hands-on activities that stimulate the imagination.
  •  Target age: 12-16 years
Chemistry Magic
Chemistry is magical and full of secrets. This workshop aims to introduce important scientific concepts to young people through a number of interesting and intriguing hands-on experiments in the form of a magic show.
  •  Target age: 12-16 years
Making the World a Better Place Using Chemistry
This workshop aims to emphasize the benefits of understanding and applying chemistry in dealing with the environment. It focuses on the significant role of chemistry in making our impact on the environment more friendly.
  •  Target age: 12-16 years
Analyze This
Spectroscopy is a technique that uses the interaction between matter and radiated energy to perform analysis. Through a range of practical activities, potential future scientists will be inspired. Among topics covered are: water and food analysis, the physics of light and color and chemical equilibrium.
  •  Target age: 12-16 years
Do it Yourself (3): Toys
Participants will learn how to prepare their own bouncing balls and gel creatures. They will also experiment with different ingredients and learn the chemistry behind making toys and the polymers used.
  •  Target age: 12-16 years
Le Genie des Pyramides (Pyramid Construction)
Since the time they were built, about 5,000 years ago, the means by which the Egyptian Pyramids were constructed remain an enigma. This workshop aims to demonstrate a method proposed by Mr. Pierre Crozat, a French architect.
  •  Target age: 12-16 years


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