Summer Program 2008
01 June 2008 - 30 August 2008

A major milestone for the PSC has been the successful consistency in creating innovative ongoing and recurring programs and events, one of the most popular being the ever-surprising Summer Festival.

For the third year in a row, the PSC is offering its loyal visitors, as well as inviting new comers, to join the unique summer experience that   combines Fun with Knowledge!

As always, the heart of the Summer Festival is the kaleidoscope of unique workshops; this year, the Summer Festival offers a whopping total of fifteen workshops, all adapted to three different age groups, spanning the duration of ten weeks starting on 22 June 2008.

In addition to the free admission and tours of the BA and PSC, for the second year in a row, the Festival includes a variety of one-day fieldtrips, in addition to an Astro-Camp.

Furthermore, this year, the Festival also incorporates some of the most  successful ongoing activities, such as the dynamic RoboAlex, the amusing Super Science Show, and the alluring Fun with Science program.

The Summer Festival concludes with the “End of Summer Festivity”, this year taking place on 30 August 2008.

Participation in the Summer Festival 2008 is by ON SITE reservation only so do not waste any time and guarantee your children ...
An Unforgettable Summer!

Summer Festival 2008 activities include workshops, programs, lectures, contests, shows, trips, observations, and a camp. Among the Summer Festival 2008 variety of activities are:

  • First Aid workshop
  • Planet Earth workshop
  • Air workshop
  • Light Painting workshop
  • Colors workshop
  • Biodiversity: Dinosaurs workshop
  • Biodiversity: Fish and Birds workshop
  • Astronomy workshop
  • Zoom Earth workshop
  • Magnets workshop
  • Mechanics workshop
  • Kindergarten workshop
  • Light workshop
  • Gravity workshop
  • Time Measurement workshop
  • Super Science Show
  • Fun with Science
  • RoboAlex
  • ALEXploratorium contest
  • History of Science Museum contest
  • Astro-Club
  • Astro-Camp

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