Discovery Zone 2007


Inaugurated in January 2007, the new main Discovery Zone exhibit area is where visitors can interact directly with the experiments on display and that are divided into five main themes:

1. Physics: Optics, Acoustics, Waves, Electricity, Magnetism, Mechanics, Mathematics, and fluids.

2. Biology: the Human Body exhibition, the Food Pyramid, and other experiments.

3. Chemistry: the Periodic Table.

4. Astronomy: the Solar Miniatures.

5. Games

The Discovery Zone now also comprises:

  • The Timeline banner, which is located in the main corridor leading to the entrance of the main Discovery Zone exhibit area, is dedicated to highlighting 48 scientific milestones throughout history from 35000 BCE to the year 2000;

  • The Nobel Laureates banners on display in the entrance of the main Discovery Zone exhibit area, which are dedicated to honoring a few of the great scientists who have received the honorable world-renowned prize, and, whose achievements are directly related to the themes adopted by the ALEXploratorium exhibits and activities; and

  • The Kids Corner, which is a special area where children under 6 years of age can safely have fun while their families enjoy the PSC activities.       

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