The Sun

15 Minutes Age Group: 8 - 13 years
This movie revolves around the story of the sun, the Earth’s nearest star. It shows some bizarre facts about this flammable ball of gases; as it revolves on its axis in a completely different way from the solid planets. The sun is the main source warmness, without sun there is no life on earth. Solar energy is essential for plants and animals survival, besides most forms of energy on earth, like cool, petroleum, natural gas and wind, are only various forms of solar energy. The audience will be surprised that the sun produces its heat through the nuclear fusion of hydrogen which occurs within several sequential steps known as proton-proton chain reaction where hydrogen is transformed into helium. This film is in Arabic

Human Body

30 Minutes Age Group: 8 - 15 years
The human body consists of many organs each of them do a certain job. The organ is that part of the body which performs a certain function. There are many organs; for example, eye, ear, tongue, heart, etc. While the group of organs which unite and work in harmony to do a specific job is known as system. If you examined your body from inside, you will find different systems performing different functions; for example, respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, etc. All of these systems work regularly day after day to keep the human body alive. Glory to God, the creator who made the human body integrated and harmonious. This film is in Arabic


30 Minutes Age Group: 8 - 15 years
This show introduces the solar system plants. Ptolemy thought that earth is the center of the universe and that all planets revolve around it in a circular orbit. Planets are celestial bodies that orbit a star or the remnants of a star. They are big in size, but they are not big enough to go through a thermonuclear fusion. This film is in Arabic

Sight and Light

30 Minutes Age Group: 8 - 15 years
This show defines light. It starts with the nature of sight and continues to reach the depth of insight, investigating the nature of colors and inspired by humanitarian and cosmic rays equations from which it is originally formed. From here we begin to study light and its nature. This film is in Arabic

What are the Stars?

20 Minutes Age Group: 8 - 15 years
The show defines stars as huge balls of plasma that produce energy using nuclear energy and send it to space through electromagnetic waves, wind energy and X rays. The sun is the nearest star to planet earth and its main source of energy. Stars are commonly defined as every celestial body that appears in the sky at night, besides the moon, this definition also includes classical planets; which are the planets that do not shine by themselves. Astronomically, stars are that non solid balls of gases, they are also known as fixed stars. This film is in Arabic


30 Minutes Age Group: 8 - 15 years
The human skeleton consists of many bones connected to one another through joints. The mature person has 306 bones, this number vary from one person to another according to the number of small bones which adhere together. These bones are divided into two groups; the axial skeleton and the terminal skeleton. The 8o bones of the axial skeleton are the vertical axis of the body; they include bones of the head, the spinal cord, rips and sternum. While the terminal skeleton consists of 126 bones, it includes free bones and their joints that connect between it and the axial skeleton. Free bones are the upper and lower extremities. The Skeleton is joined together through ligaments, tendons, muscles and cartilage. The film is in Arabic

World Geography

90 Minutes Age Group: 10 - 20 years
"World Geography" explores the physical and human geography in Africa, Europe, north America and Russia. It makes learning world geography interesting and shows the need to learn properly. The film is in English.

Thrill Ride

40 Minutes Age Group: 10 - 20 years
"Thrill Ride" is the Science of Fun is a movie made for focusing on thrill rides. The producers of Thrill Ride think that the only type of thrill rides available today are motion simulators, and they are convinced that simulators are able to live up to real thrill rides, and may someday be the only type of thrill ride available. This film spends a lot of time explaining how high-tech and very good quality computer-generated images are created and used. The film is in English.

The Big Space Shuttle

50 Minutes Age Group: 10 - 15 years
This video teaches everyone about the mysteries behind the space program - specifically, the topic of space shuttles. Viewers are treated to the multitude of tasks that are preparatory to the launch. Nothing is excluded, as we visit the astronauts in flight and witness the science experiments on board. The film is in English.

The Big Aircraft Carrier

40 Minutes Age Group: 10 - 15 years
There's a tour of the largest afloat aircraft carrier on earth and discover its services. Viewers get to watch future pilots go through water - survival training, parachute - landing practice and simulates a helicopter crashed into the water. The video simplifies more difficult information by comparing it to what children know. The film is in English.

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