Alexandria, the Cradle of Astronomy
Duration: 22 Minutes The show revolves around the similarities between the message of the Ancient Library of Alexandria and the New Library, in addition to their joint role in spreading knowledge, initiating dialogue, and fostering excellence in the different academic fields. It focuses specifically on astronomy, shedding light on the great role played by the Ancient Library and its astronomers in the development of astronomy; such as: Hipparchus, Ptolemy, Eratosthenes, Apollonius, and Hypatia, among others.

The Planetarium Production team faced various difficulties and challenges, including the absence of any reference or manuscript demonstrating the Ancient Library’s architectural. As a result, the team relied on specialists of ancient architecture, in addition to some international movies; such as: Cleopatra, in all its versions, and Agora, which documented the life of Hypatia, daughter of Theon the Alexandrian.

Alexandria, the Cradle of Astronomy contains scientific and historic material; it is suitable for family, students, and the public. The show’s duration is 22 minutes and it is available in Arabic and English.
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