Can-Sat Training Program: Beginner Level
26 July 2015

In the framework of the cooperation with the University of Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC); and the Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Aerospace Department; the Planetarium Science Center (PSC) will launch the Can-Sat Training Program, one of the activities of Space Technology Program of Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. The Can-Sat Training Program provides an affordable way to offer the students the basic knowledge to many challenges in building a satellite.

Students will be able to design and build a small electronic payload that can fit inside a soda can. The Can-Sat is launched into high altitude by rockets, balloons and/or aircrafts; and experiments are performed during parachute descent, simulating the satellite operations in space. With the use of a parachute, the Can-Sat slowly descends back to Earth performing its mission while transmitting telemetry. Post launch and recovery data acquisition will allow them to analyze the reason of success and/or failure. The Can-Sat Training Program develops the capacity building in space technology and improves teaching methods based on space engineering education.

- Period:   26 July – 13 August 2015.
- Duration: Daily, except Friday and Saturday; three hours per day, starting 3:30 pm.
- Fees: EGP 250.-
- Target age: 2nd and 3rd years, Faculty of Engineering, Departments of Electricity (Communication and Power), Mechanics and Programming.   
- Number of participants: Ten students

**The candidates should pass a selection procedure before payment.
**A Certificate of Attendance will be granted to participants who exceed 90% attendance.


For additional information, please contact the PSC
Telephone: +(203) 4839999; Ext.: 2350, 2351

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