May Astronomy Night: Observing Ramadan Crescent
28 May 2015 - 28 May 2015

The holy month of Ramadan is approaching, and the annual controversy about the observation of Ramadan crescent and the beginning of the lunar months has begun. The same questions rise again:

- Can the astronomical calculations substitute the visual observation?
- Which is more accurate?
- What is the Lunar calendar?
- How we observe the crescent?
- What are the moon phases?

In May astronomy night, we will answer all these questions and more…
The night also includes telescope observation for the moon and its craters, and Jupiter with its marvelous rings while it is extremely near to Earth this year.

Date: Thursday, 28 May 2015
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The lecture is conducted by Dr. Essam Gouda, head of the Egyptian Society for Astronomy (ESA) and member of the Arab Union for Aerospace Sciences and Astronomy, and Dr. Omar Fikry, Head of Planetarium Section, Planetarium Science Center, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the deputy director for Egyptian Society for Astronomy (ESA)

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