ALEXploratorium Project Support 2013/14
09 May 2014 - 14 July 2014

 APS aims to be a supporter of programs & projects that reflect a positive impact on the engineering field. If you want to compete through the APS program and have a great idea of a project, you should fill the following form:

APS Guidelines 2013/14

APS  Registration Form 2013/14

APS Competition 2013/14

The ALEXploratorium Project Support (APS) was initiated by the PSC three years ago to encourage young engineers to turn their ideas into feasible applications by supporting undergraduate students in the faculties of engineering to realize their graduation projects by:

- Selecting the best projects proposed to the APS board which helps in solving actual problems in industry, business, management or daily life.

- Providing technical advices through the different BA experienced engineers in the PSC and the Engineering Department.

- Providing financial support.

- Helping in the importation of project components.

- Providing working venue for project teams.

The APS 2012-2013 Tournament supported 3 out of 13 teams after two filtration processes and reached successfully the following achievements: :

1. Security System Intelligent Swarm Robots:

• Project Field: Communication and Electronics

• Type of Project: Hardware & Software

• Project Description: This project focuses on outdoor security system using swarm robots behavior; they built 5 robots which will be used for security outside a villa or any important building. Robots deal with each other by swarm robotics concept using ZIGBEE and specific algorithm. Each robot uses a GPS module for localization and to make specific movements. Robots avoid collisions with anything and with each other during movement using Ultrasonic and IR sensor. Each robot has a PIR sensor to detect any thief or any human who may enter the required area and tell other robots that there is a danger then information will be transmitted between them.

• Team Achievements: The team produced a full prototype which solves practical problems, like detection can take place in very dark areas. The random movement and mobility of all the swarm make a surprise action for any thief or human in the area under protection. Not fixed objects like cameras which can be easily stopped by any thief. In case of one robot fails, the other robots will continue their mission successfully and system will not be failed. (Independent robots)

• Grade: Excellent

• Contact Person: Mohammed Ali Abo Arais 

 2. Smart Lighting:

• Project Field: Power Electronics

• Type of Project: Hardware & Software

• Project Description: Simply Power management, we all can notice that power demand increase all the time and stations can't catch up this so what about decreasing our demand starting by lighting .We want to replace 220v with a 12 V lighting network that can be installed in any place (Energy conservation) with new LED lamp design and can be controlled through your mobile or your PC (controlling many different patterns of lighting) and automatic lighting control by sensors.

• Team Achievements: The team succeeded to produce a prototype of LED Lighting which is 50% to 90% more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lighting, beautiful and bright light that improves employee and customer satisfaction and great for the environment; less energy, fewer bulbs, no mercury.

• Grade: Excellent

• Contact Person: Mai Ismail Diab 

3. Automatic Waste Sorting Machine:

• Project Field:
Embedded System

• Type of Project:
Hardware & Software

• Project Description:
This project have to be existing in all streets. Each home has serial number and when person needs to remove his garbage he goes to dustbin and enter serial number. Dustbin recognizes him and open special slot allowing him to enter his litter. After that dustbin starts automatic sorting, it sorts garbage and calculates how much of each type he enter(paper, plastic, metal, cans, glass,……..) and sends price of person`s garbage to his account in bank. If dustbin is filled  with  garbage ,it contacts with recycle factories to offer  garbage`s amount  having and sell it to them and with this money dustbin can buy again garbage from people.

• Team Achievements:
The team succeeded to produce a prototype of sorting machine which can be implemented for our daily life.

• Grade:

• Contact Person:
Sara Mohamed Mostafa 

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