July 2019 Astronomy Night
20 July 2019 - 20 July 2019

    This month, 50 years ago, on July 20, US astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first to touch the surface of the moon on Apollo 11 mission in 1969, back then the New York Times published poetry by the American poet Archibald Cronkite. He said: “The people who will succeed us after 500 years will see the landing on the moon one of the most remarkable achievement of all time”.
Fifty years later, the world celebrates this important historic event. The Planetarium Science Center has the pleasure to invite you to attend July astronomy night.

    Dr. Shadi Abdul Hafez, the well-known scientific editor and writer, will give a short lecture, followed by a scientific competition and a new experiment in space exploration through the new planetarium’s equipment.

Location: Planetarium Theater
Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019 at 5:30 pm
Age allowed to enter: Starting from the age of 6 years
Reservation: through the ticketing office of the Planetarium Center, starting from Sunday 14/07/2019.
Fees: EGP 10 per person

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