Launching "For a Better Teacher" Project
03 August 2016
Within the framework of continuous and fruitful cooperation between the BA, the scientific, cultural, and academic institution working on science and knowledge communication, and Sawiris Social Development Foundation, which established numerous partnerships with governmental agencies and others, in addition to Star Care Egypt Foundation, which was founded by Mercedes Benz Egypt partners in order to promote and encourage community service to support and assist children in different fields, “For a Better Teacher” project will be launched on the 2nd of August 2016. This project aims at implementing a training program for teachers based on instilling their self-learning skills and training them on the basic teaching and creative thinking skills. Those skills are necessary in all the fields related to raising up students which are in line with the current requirements of life, in order to reach a better way of teaching and to contribute in the development of education in Egypt.

This project will be implemented through teaching different aspects of knowledge in an interactive method, in addition to providing a special 2-year-training program in science teaching. This training will target both elementary and preparatory governmental schools in Alexandria and Asyout. A certain number of trainees will be chosen to attend an advanced training workshop to prepare trainers for the trainees in the field of science. The initiative includes competitions between students and teachers from the participating schools.
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