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"The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental Physics", by David Gross

03 December 2006
The lecture evolved around the necessity to go beyond the standard model of particle physics and to understand quantum gravity has led to String Theory. This ambitious attempt to unify all the forces of nature and all forms of matter's different vibrations of a string-like object is still in a pre-revolutionary stage. Although remarkable progress has been achieved in the last decade in understanding the perturbative and non-perturbative structure of String Theory, we still lack a fundamental understanding of the theory. Many string theorists suspect that a profound conceptual change in our concept of space and time will be required for the final formulation of string theory.

Red Tide and Human Health

20 November 2006
The National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF) is organizing a seminar on “Red Tide and Human Health”, in cooperation with the Planetarium Science Center at the BA and the American Center Alexandria (ACA). The seminar seeks to identify areas of red tide occurrences and the types of toxins secreted across Egyptian waters, and discuss efforts to use remote sensing to create a biological map of Egyptian waters added to the marine database. Such a plan would be geared toward environmental detection of toxic red tides throughout the year.

NAMES 2nd meeting

09 November 2006
On 9-10 November 2006, the second meeting of NAMES, North Africa and Middle East Science centers network, was hosted by Tunis Science City, Tunis. During the meeting the network was officially launched and the first Board of Directors was formed.

ZERI workshop/training

06 November 2006
In order to help kids develop their intelligence, it is important that educators understand systems and develop a systems perspective themselves. This training, intended for educators, aimed to develop their systems thinking, as well as provide them with activities and discussion strategies that they can use to promote systems thinking in the children they work with.

"Women in Science" Lecture

01 November 2006
It is through success stories that generations are inspired; and inspiration is always followed by innovation and creativity; key tools for the 21st Century. “Women in Science”, a lecture by Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, intends to shed a light on women’s achievements, and success stories in different fields, also to highlight, acknowledge, and address the impediments that may still exist on their path for freedom and equality.

DarkStar Adventure

01 October 2006
DarkStar Adventure is a groundbreaking half-dome Planetarium show that is now showing at the BA Planetarium. It is suitable for viewers of all ages and they will witness the awesome power of a supernova, explore the heart of a gaseous nebula, visit exotic pulsars and learn to keep a safe distance from a black hole!

Einstein in Alexandria

01 October 2006
Einstein in Alexandria, the proceedings of the Einstein Symposium Scientific Meeting, which took place 4-6 June 2005 at the BA, has been edited by Prof. Edward Witten, the co-organizer of the event, and published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

End of Summer Festivity 2006

05 September 2006
To celebrate the children's participation in the overall PSC summer programs, a special festivity took place on 5 September 2006. The celebration included a special Super Science Show conducted by a professional performer, Mrs. Rania Fahmy, as well as a mini-play prepared and performed entirely by the children. Certificates were awarded to children of outstanding achievement, and the PSC volunteers were honored for their efforts during the summer activities.

2nd FLL in Egypt Competition launched

01 September 2006
After the success of the first FLL in Egypt competition, the BA Planetarium Science Center launches its campaign for the second edition of the competition, the "Nano Quest".

LAMAP training

25 August 2006
LAMAP training targeted primary school teachers and aimed at teaching them on how to use the Arabic mirror of La Main à la Pâte website, which comprises over 1000 informative web pages, methodological references, and class activities, thus, constituting an excellent tool to renewing science teaching in Arab countries, especially Egypt.

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