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Rural connectivity and energy for ICT in Jamaica

Document type: report
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Abstract: The study is intended to make information available on the availability and cost of internet access in various locations of the country, particularly in rural areas. Currently this information is not in a systematic manner and the preparation of This report: (1) identifies underserved areas in Jamaica; (2) benchmarks its connectivity status in Jamaica as of November 2007, and six months hence; and (3) lays the basis for continued monitoring of this status. It is anticipated that the report will be able to contribute to appropriate forms of intervention in support of improved rural connectivity. In the years since the liberalisation of the telecommunication sector, there has been considerable progress in connectivity in the country. However, because of disparity in demand and considerations regarding returns on investment, deployment of the various technologies have been more aggressive in urban areas than in rural areas. This has resulted in higher costs for comparable or even lower quality and less reliable connections in rural areas. One recommendation is to improve rural demand by promoting multi-ownership of access technology to drive down cost per person through the establishment of Community Access Points(CAPs).
Note: Revised edition
Authors: Gordon, V.
Series Title: Thematic Report
Country: Jamaica
Category: General
Keywords: information and communication technologies , rural development
Language: eng
Organization: IICD - International Institute for Communication and Development
PAGE: 18
Place: The Hague [etc.]
Publisher: IICD [etc.]
Year: 2007
Region: Caribbean
Right: © 2007 ICT4D Jamaica and IICD
Subject: Information, Knowledge and Communication
Title: Rural connectivity and energy for ICT in Jamaica