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Learning from human rights programmes : a practical guide

Document type: book
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Abstract: The objective of this manual is to provide a structure before organisations start to design a human rights programme, ask themselves why and how they can do that in a most effective way and thereby contribute to a better implementation of human rights in their own environment. The implementation, monitoring and evaluation of these programmes can be a learning experience that will improve effectiveness in implementation of human rights in the future. The expected target groups of this manual are human rights organisations embarking on a new programme, but also their stakeholders considering entering into a coalition, and their back donors, having to decide on proposals submitted to them. All these target groups will find a number of practical steps in his guide to be considered. The result of those considerations hopefully is that actors such as human rights defenders and developmental professionals can design effective strategies to improve the enjoyment of human rights. The design of effective strategies, the implementation of those strategies and learning from the monitoring and evaluation, all this is a contribution to the realisation of human rights on the ground.
Corporate author(s): ICCO , Aim for Human Rights , Context
Category: Practice
ISBN: 978-90-77526-03-3
Keywords: aid programmes , capacity building , human rights , management
Language: eng
Organization: ICCO - Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation
PAGE: 72
Place: [Utrecht etc.]
Publisher: ICCO [etc.]
Year: 2008
Right: © 2008 ICCO This work is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share-Alike 3.0 Licence
Subject: Humanitarian Assistance
Title: Learning from human rights programmes : a practical guide