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The Effectiveness Initiative in Mozambique

Document type: article
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Abstract: The Effectiveness Initiative (EI) in Mozambique aims to reinforce community-based early childhood development (ECD) programmes in Mozambique through the results of an in-depth and process-oriented exploration. This exploration is centred on four community-based ECD initiatives. Its emphasis is on the views of the community members and – especially – those of the children. This article draws on the Action Plan of the Mozambique EI Team and personal communications with the members of the team.
Authors: Pujol, L.
Country: Mozambique
Category: Practice
End Page: 15
Serial number: 99
ISSN: 1387-9553
Journal: Early Childhood Matters
Keywords: education , children , evaluation
Language: eng
Organization: Bernard van Leer Foundation
Year: 2001
Region: East Africa
Right: © 2001 Bernard van Leer Foundation
Subject: Education, Science and Technology
Start Page: 14
Title: The Effectiveness Initiative in Mozambique