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Afghanistan and the development of alternative systems of animal health in the absence of effective government

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Abstract: This case study describes the efforts by both non-governmental organizations and United Nations agencies to develop an alternative system for delivering animal health services in Afghanistan from the rnid-1980s to the year 2003. It also describes the present-day problems of the animal health infrastructure in Afghanistan. During this time, Afghanistan experienced war and severe civil unrest resulting in the collapse of the veterinary infrastructure. An initia1 emphasis was placed on training intermediate and lower-level veterinary auxiliary personnel to replace those who had fled, as well as on the implementation of emergency treatment and vaccination campaigns. Gradually this programme evolved from an emergency-oriented approach to a more development-oriented process, resulting in a community-based system of animal health care in more than 250 districts. Some 500 para-veterinarians, trained for a period of five months, play a pivotal role in this programme, supported in outlying villages by trained vaccinators and basic veterinary workers. Essential elements of the programme include: the recruitment of trainees from areas where need has been identified; an emphasis on practica1 and problem-oriented training; the deployment of staff in supervised 'veterinary field units'; a guaranteed supply of veterinary medicines, anthelmintics and vaccines; and a gradually increasing rate of cost recovery. The ultimate objective of the programme is to establish a self-sustaining system, where the user pays.
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Authors: Schreuder, B.E.C. , Ward, D.E.
Country: Afghanistan
Category: Research
End Page: 293
Serial number: 1
Volume: 23
Journal: Revue Scientifique et Technique de l'Office International des Epizooties
Keywords: animal production
Language: eng
Organization: DCA-VET - Dutch Committee for Afghanistan - Veterinary Programmes
Year: 2004
Region: Asia , Central Asia
Right: Copyright status unknown
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Start Page: 285
Title: Afghanistan and the development of alternative systems of animal health in the absence of effective government