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Uitdagingen voor het Kenniscentrum : focus op religie in ontwikkeling

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Abstract: Article on the challenges faced by the Knowledge Centre Religion & Development with special attention for the Handout Religion and Development. Religion forms an integral part of the day-to-day life of over four billion people in the world. Nevertheless, in international relations the importance of religion is regularly underestimated. Moreover, the role of religion within people's lives is seldom sufficiently taken into account in development projects. Religion influences the way people deal with misfortune, such as poverty and disease. It also plays a role in issues such as environmental pollution, integration, conflict and peace. This lack of knowledge about the role of religion in people’s lives can have far-reaching consequences for the practice of development co-operation, improvement of human rights, and civil society building. A well-developed antenna for the deepest motivations of people in other cultures, is of utmost importance. The Knowledge Centre Religion & Development aims to provide knowledge in this field, explore it, and make it accessible. Through a unique combination of academic knowledge and practical experience, the Knowledge Centre finds itself at the crossroad of religion and development. Its purpose is to serve staff-members of development organizations, politicians, policy makers, and journalists with information and stimulus for reflection.
Authors: Renkema, D.
Series Title: Oikos Nieuws
Category: General
End Page: 8
Serial number: 51
Keywords: economic development , religion , conflict , poverty
Language: nld
Organization: Stichting Oikos
Place: Utrecht
Publisher: Stichting Oikos
Year: 2008
Right: © 2008 Stichting Oikos
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Start Page: 6
Title: Uitdagingen voor het Kenniscentrum : focus op religie in ontwikkeling