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HIV transmission within marriage : findings from Tanzania

Document type: mthesis
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Abstract: This thesis focuses on the influence of marriage on HIV transmission and factors associated with HIV transmission among married people in Tanzania, and to suggest possible and feasible solutions. The study questions are: 1) What are the reasons for HIV transmission among married people in Tanzania, 2) How Marriage influences the spread of HIV?, 3) What are the perceptions of society towards marriages in the context of HIV acquisition?, 4) What measures (solutions) should be taken to make marriages safer? The literature review was done through reviewing of English published studies done on HIV/AIDS among married couples in Tanzania and neighboring countries, this was complemented by systematic reviewing of scientific publications on the subject. Author’s experience and opinions were used wherever necessary. The findings show that, extra-marital sexual relationship, non-condom use, sex violence, early marriage and high rate of sexually transmitted infections among married people in Tanzania found to be major reasons for the spreading of HIV within marriage. Marriage, despite of emphasizing on fidelity as a religious institution prohibits use of condoms, expose young women to early marriage, and trans generation sexual relationships; subject married women to widow inheritance and widow cleansing; provide safe haven for sex violence and gender in equality. CONCLUSION: Marriage is in fact a risk factor of acquiring HIV in Tanzania, especially among women. Albeit there are opportunity of making marriage and life within marriage protective against HIV as expected, since HIV risk perception is high among couples and in general community. RECOMMENDATIONS: Marriage is potentially risky in Tanzania, the government and policy makers in collaboration with other stakeholders including religious leaders need to harmonize their efforts targeting this emerging high-risk group, and to stop doing business as usual.
Authors: Diggos, H.A.
Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
Category: Research
Department: Development Policy & Practice
Institute: KIT (Royal Tropical Institute)
Keywords: health , HIV and AIDS , disease prevention and control , reproductive health
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: vii, 39
Year: 2007
Region: East Africa
Right: © 2007 Diggos
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: HIV transmission within marriage : findings from Tanzania
Training: Master of Public Health / International Course in Health Development (ICHD)