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Smoking behaviors of adolescents and youth in Chilinh, Haiduong, a province in the north of Vietnam : risk and protective factors

Document type: mthesis
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Abstract: Tobacco use is very common among Vietnamese adolescents and youth. Despite the fact that tobacco is very harmful for health, the prevalence of current smokers among Vietnamese adolescents/youth is still high, especially in male adolescents and youth. In this thesis, I want to draw a brief over view about the current smoking behavior among adolescents/youth at CHILILAB - a research laboratory of Hanoi School of Public Health -and identify the risk/protective factors for smoking behavior. The study consists of a secondary data analysis of data collected in 2006 at CHILILAB and a literature review study. The data used in my study is a part of the module 1 of a longitudinal study about adolescents health. Only data in smoking session, demographic information session, and some other risk behaviors sessions (alcohol use and premarital sex) were used in the study. The total sample of my study is 12.447 participants in the age of 10 - 24 who have permanent-residences at Chilinh. Chi-square was applied to measure the associations between smoking behaviors and other characteristics. Odd ratios were used to measure the differences in the risk of smoking of different groups. Logistic regressions were applied to make a predict model for smoking behavior among male adolescents and youth at CHILILAB. The Hosmer and Lemenshow test was used to check the goodness‐of-fit of the logistic models. Based on literature that I found, risk and protective factors for smoking behavior among adolescents can be categorized into 4 different domains: individual, peer, family, and school. However, due to the availability of the variables, in my study, smoking behavior of male adolescents and youth at CHILILAB was analyzed in three different domains: individual factors, peer’s factors and family’s factors. An overview about the “ever tried to smoke” behavior and “currently smoking” behavior of adolescents / youth of both male and female are presented. “Currently smoking” behavior of male adolescents / youth was analyzed using the analytical framework and was divided into three different groups: male adolescents aged 10 -14, male adolescents aged 15-19, and young male adults aged 20-24 due to the big difference of prevalence of current smoker among these groups. Risk and protective factors of different groups were identi6ied. Recommendations are made to suggest which factors should be tackle in order to reduce the prevalence of current smoker among male adolescents/youth at CHILILAB.
Authors: Dao, H.B.
Country: Viet Nam
Category: Research
Department: Development Policy & Practice
Institute: KIT (Royal Tropical Institute)
Keywords: health , youth
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: 60
Year: 2010
Region: Southeast Asia
Right: © 2010 Dao
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Smoking behaviors of adolescents and youth in Chilinh, Haiduong, a province in the north of Vietnam : risk and protective factors
Training: Master in International Health (MIH)