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Trade matters! : illegal logging and the trade with Europe

Document type: report
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Abstract: This case study tells the story of how the World Trade Organisation’s rules hamper the ability of responsible individuals, organisations, and corporations to use sustainably harvested resources. These WTO rules have established an unfair market for sustainable products that deserve the mark of responsible business that cannot compete with unsustainable products that are usually cheaper or in the case of wood-products often illegal. It focuses on the case of illegal and destructive logging, and the ease with which this industry can find its markets, also in Europe. The effect of the WTO on the design of legislation that halts this practice is called the ‘Chill Factor’: The WTO rules freeze the ability of legislators to write new legislation, that will interfere with the ideological goal of the free flow of goods. The case study is part of a series produced by the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands (IUCN NL) and Both ENDS to provide more insight into the relationships that exist between economic policy (such as trade and investment policies), the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in poor countries, and halting the loss of biodiversity.
Authors: Gaag, P. van der
Category: Research
Editor: Engelbrecht, K.
Keywords: environmental degradation , illegality , markets , nature conservation , sustainable development , trade
Language: eng
Organization: IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands , Both ENDS
PAGE: 16
Place: IUCN [etc.]
Publisher: Amsterdam
Year: 2006
Region: Europe
Right: © 2006 IUCN & Both ENDS
Subject: Environment and Natural Resources
Title: Trade matters! : illegal logging and the trade with Europe