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Destination conservation : protecting nature by developing tourism

Document type: book
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Abstract: In many areas where biodiversity is under threat, tourism is seen as a possible solution. A solution to conserve nature that otherwise would be destroyed, to save species that otherwise would be exterminated or to help local communities to an additional source of income. But how realistic is it to develop tourism as a conservation tool? What benefi ts can communities expect? How does one deal with impacts? And last but not least: what is the possible role of the private sector? This book presents the lessons learned from 27 small-scale projects that the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands supported between 2004 and 2006. Their experiences offer a valuable insight into the relationship between tourism and conservation; valuable for conservation projects as well as for tourism companies.
Note: Photo's: R. Wagter, M. Hoogeslag, M. van der Donk, M. Schelhaas, K. Olsder, G. van Es, A. Hoogendijk, M. Gale, A. Deelder
Authors: Olsder, K. , Donk, M. van der
Category: Practice
Editor: Kroon, F.
ISBN: 978-90-75909-17-3
Keywords: communities , environment , nature conservation , private sector , sustainable development , tourism
Language: eng
Organization: IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands
PAGE: 95
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: IUCN
Year: 2006
Right: © 2006 IUCN
Subject: Environment and Natural Resources
Title: Destination conservation : protecting nature by developing tourism