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Child soldiers : the shadow of their existence

Document type: report
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Abstract: Each year, 300,000 children worldwide are actively deployed in wars. These are children who have to fight as soldiers, perform espionage or reconnaissance activities,and provide sexual services to army commanders. This report provides insight into the situation in which they live and addresses the question of how and why they became child soldiers. The reasons why they become involved in armed conflict give insight into the possibilities for change, because no matter how persistent the problem of recruitment of child soldiers is, there is something we can do to break this spiral of violence. It is possible to create a new future for these children and everyone can play a part, including in the Netherlands. This report focuses on the plight of child soldiers in Colombia, which has been embroiled in a civil war for more than 50 years
Authors: Ubags, W.
Country: Colombia
Category: General
Keywords: children , conflict , human rights
Language: eng
Organization: War Child
PAGE: 44
Place: [Amsterdam]
Publisher: War Child
Year: 2007
Region: South America
Right: © 2007 War Child
Subject: Humanitarian Assistance
Title: Child soldiers : the shadow of their existence