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Small-scale farming and youth in an era of rapid rural change

Document type: report
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Abstract: This paper focuses on developing and emerging economy regions of the world, providing an overview of trends in small-scale farming and agrifood markets, demographic changes and trends in employment – particularly that of youth. It reflects on the aspirations of rural youth and identifies some of the drivers and innovations that have engaged youth in agriculture – and which might help to inform and shape the future. It identifies some emerging policy implications that address small-scale farming and youth in an era of rapid change, including knowledge gaps which, if filled, could better inform the debate on the future of small-scale agriculture and on who will be the next generation of farmers.
Authors: Proctor, F. , Lucchesi, V.
Category: General
ISBN: 978-1-84369-845-6
Keywords: agriculture , markets , rural development , youth
Language: eng
Organization: Hivos – Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation
Organization: IIED - International Institute for Environment and Development
PAGE: 87
Place: London
Publisher: IIED
Year: 2012
Right: © 2012 Hivos
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: Small-scale farming and youth in an era of rapid rural change