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Mainstreaming gender in water management : resource guide

Document type: report
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Abstract: This Resource Guide seeks to assist water professionals, politicians, gender specialists and others in their efforts to provide improved access to water for poor women, children and men all over the world. The initial Resource Guide was launched during the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto in 2003. This edited edition divides the resources among thirteen water sub-sectors, to facilitate access for specific purposes and water uses. Introductions to the sectors describe current debates and gender issues. References, resources (including manuals and guidelines), case studies and relevant websites are all grouped by sub-sector.
Note: Version 2.1 Contrib. M.A. Alegria, K. Mellouli, M.D. Diop, P. Ikumi, N. Neseni and B. Soto
Authors: Khosla, P. , Ahmed, S.
Category: Policy
Keywords: gender , water
Language: eng
Organization: Gender and water Alliance
Organization: UNDP - United Nations Development Programme , IRC - International Water and Sanitation Centre , Cap-Net - The International Network for Capacity Building in Integrated Water Resources Management
PAGE: 240
Place: Dieren [etc.]
Publisher: GWA [etc.]
Year: 2006
Right: © 2006 GWA [et al.]
Subject: Environment and Natural Resources
Title: Mainstreaming gender in water management : resource guide