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Strengthening local resilience to climate change

Document type: policy_doc
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Abstract: This policy brief from Prolinnova reports on the organisation’s investigative work on how poor rural communities develop innovations that enables a stronger resilience to changes in climates patterns. This brief focuses on community-based adaptation to climate change, and the means needed to recognize and document local innovation. A number of example from the field help illustrate Prolinnova’s research (2008 – 2011) into the innovation and creativity processes appearing in local communities that face uncertainty and hardship due to climate-related environmental change.
Note: This brief is based on the report “What can local innovation contribute to adaptation to climate change?” (PROLINNOVA 2011) with inputs from study teams in Ethiopia, Nepal and Niger; and a literature review by W. Honkoop
Series Title: Policy Brief
Corporate author(s): Prolinnova International Secretariat
Category: Policy
Serial number: June
Keywords: climate change , communities , rural development
Language: eng
Organization: ETC Foundation
PAGE: [4]
Place: Leusden
Publisher: ETC Foundation
Year: 2011
Right: © 2011 ETC Foundation
Subject: Environment and Natural Resources
Title: Strengthening local resilience to climate change