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NIMD Annual Report 2011

Document type: ann_report
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Abstract: This is the annual report of NIMD for 2011. The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy(NIMD) is a democracy assistance organisation of political parties in The Netherlands for political parties in young democracies. Founded in 2000 by seven parties (cda, PvdA, vvd, GroenLinks, d66, Christen Unie en sgp), NIMD currently works with more than 150 political parties from 16 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe.
Note: Ed.: D. Prater, J. van Tiggelen
Corporate author(s): NIMD - Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy
Category: General
Keywords: civil society , democratisation , political conditions
Language: eng
Organization: NIMD - Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy
PAGE: 17
Place: The Hague
Publisher: NIMD
Year: 2012
Right: © 2012 NIMD
Subject: Social and Political Change
Title: NIMD Annual Report 2011