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Microfinance today : a position paper of NPM

Document type: policy_doc
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Abstract: In this report the members of NPM discuss their joint position in the microfinance sector. The microfinance sector has developed significantly in recent years. With positive and negative effects. Millions of poor people now have access to financial services. However, over indebtness and exceptionally high profits are not in the interests of the poor. MFIs have to aim for both financial andsocial return. The sector needs more regulation and supervision and the client (the poor) protection and assistance.
Corporate author(s): Netherlands Platform for Microfinance
Category: Policy
Keywords: credit , finance , poverty
Language: eng
Organization: NPM – Platform for Inclusive Finance
Place: [Utrecht]
Publisher: NPM - Netherlands Platform for Microfinance
Year: 2011
Right: © 2011 NPM
Subject: Economic Development and Trade
Title: Microfinance today : a position paper of NPM