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PI-DOC 2 : cross-cultural partnership

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Abstract: As a director or trustee, you consider to engage the support of a Dutch Private Initiative (PI) in order to implement a priority project of a village, community, or your own organisation. It is of crucial importance to recognize that you are entering into a collaboration between people of two entirely different cultures. Problems you might encounter will be about the use of money or about deadlines. Besides cultural differences, there is also a difference in position: the Dutch PI provides for (part of) the money and your organization will be the receiver and project implementer. There might also be differences in setting priorities. Your organization, the one that implements and owns the project, is well aware that external factors may cause delays. The Dutch PI may want to work fast, in order to show results to its donors. This PI-doc can help you avoid problems arising from (culturally) different expectations and interpretations.
Corporate author(s): MDF
Category: Policy
Keywords: international cooperation , partnership , policy
Language: eng
Organization: Wilde Ganzen - ontwikkelingssamenwerking
Place: Hilversum
Publisher: Wilde Ganzen
Year: [2003]
Right: © 2003 Wilde Ganzen
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: PI-DOC 2 : cross-cultural partnership