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Review of dredging activities for entry channel and harbor basin of Promar S.A. shipyard, Suape, Brazil

Document type: report
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Abstract: From 12-18 August 2012, Both ENDS visited the Suape sea port, some 40 km south of the city of Recife in northeastern Brazil. This report reviews the potential social and environmental impacts of dredging activities for an entry channel and harbor basin for the construction of the Promar shipyard. This project is implemented by the Dutch dredging company Van Oord with an export credit insurance policy of Atradius Dutch State Business (Atradius DSB). The report describes the clearly dramatic impacts of the dredging activities taking place in the Suape area, such as the loss of livelihoods for local fishing communities, the destruction of coral reefs and forests, and forced evictions. These impacts add on to other problems related to the rapid industrialization of the Suape harbor region, such as violence, sexual exploitation and the disruption ofthe social fabric. The dredging project for the Promar shipyard suffers from a lack of transparency,particularly vis-à-vis the local communities. The limited public information on the project and the testimonies of people living in the Suape area do not suggest fundamental improvements in comparison to earlier dredging activities in the region. Thus an important conclusion of this report is that Atradius DSB did not well consider several social and environmental concerns in its decision making process, despite its obligations to do so under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that the Dutch government formulated for the export credit facility. The findings in this report also suggest that Van Oord may be in non-compliance with various aspects of the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises. The report recommends a full public and participatory review of the project. Atradius DSB and Van Oord should consider setting up a complaint facility that could serve as a starting point for a structural dialogue with local stakeholders to help improve the sustainable development agenda in the Suape region. Much more transparency would be required by Atradius DSB and Van Oord to allow for constructive multi-stakeholder dialogues that may help to solve many of the pressing social and environmental problems emerging in the Suape region. Dutch stakeholders in the Suape harbor should consider promoting the setting up of an independent and permanent social and environmental monitor in the Suape region.
Authors: Wiertsema, W.
Country: Brazil
Category: Research
Keywords: enterprises , ethics , environment , industry
Language: eng
Organization: Both ENDS
PAGE: 21
Place: [Amsterdam]
Publisher: Both ENDS
Year: 2013
Region: South America
Right: © 2013 Both ENDS
Subject: Economic Development and Trade
Title: Review of dredging activities for entry channel and harbor basin of Promar S.A. shipyard, Suape, Brazil