English language lectures

Lectures by Jesse Huang,MB,MHPE,MPH,MBA, Professor of Epidemiology, Assistant President and Dean for School of Public Health, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China

Chinese language lectures

Health Management and Health Promotion:

Health Management and China’s Sustainable Development


Medical Education

An Analysis of “PUMC Phenomenon” in Medical Education Development in China


Public Health System

Breast Cancer Epidemiology in China

Digital Public Health and Government

Foresight China II: the Identification and detection of infectious diseases

Measuring Health

On Competencies Development For Public Health Workforce

SARS and Public Health Systems in China

SARS Experiences in China: Public Health Ethics Issues

SARS Reflection: A Framework for Improving Public Health Systems in China

The Health Care System and Public Health in China

What is Epidemiology?

What is Public Health?


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