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The American Epidemiological Society (AES) was founded in 1927. The past years have seen the AES continue as a small, relatively elite organization characterized by a membership of senior leaders in the field of epidemiology. The Society has continued to hold an annual meeting at which free, informed, and uninhibited discussion is encouraged.
                        Am J Epidemiol 1998;148:104-30.

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Supercourse-Epidemiology Lecture


Epidemiologic Update: Hepatitis C by Miriam Alter Environmental Approaches to Injury Prevention by Susan P. Baker
Etiology and Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes   in Chinese a by Peter Bennett Natural History and Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes    in Chinese  by Peter Bennett
Lessons from Conducting Research in an American Indian Community: the Pima Indians of Arizona  by Peter Bennett Primordial Prevention – A Perspective from the Bogalusa Heart Study by Gerald Berenson
Low Fitness as a Predictor of Morbidity and Mortality by Steve  Blair Physical Inactivity: The Most Important Public Health Problem of the 21st Century by Steve  Blair
Exercise Is Medicine—Putting Science in to Clinical Practice by Steve  Blair The crucial role of physical activity in the prevention and management of overweight and obesity. Part I   Part II by Steve  Blair
Epidemiology and Sex(ually Transmitted Diseases): The Basics by Willard Cates Prevention of Osteoporosis  Part I  Part II  Part III by  Jane Cauley
The Most Probable Past, Present, and Future of the AIDS Pandemic by  James (Jim) Chin Influenza: Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control      Global Health  by Tom Chin
Fraud in Medical Research:Emphasis on Statistical Aspects  by Ted Colton How to Investigate an Outbreak by Richard Dicker
Smoking and Health by Sir Richard Doll Please search for lectures by Janice Dorman(18 lectures) at the author's list page
Genes and the Environment in Cancer Causation  In Spanish    In Russian by Joseph Fraumeni Economic Impact of Pandemic Influenza In the U.S.: Implications for Setting PrioritiesEconomic Impact of Pandemic Influenza In the U.S.: Implications for Setting Priorities by Keiji Fukuda
Challenges of Influenza Control     Herd Protection against Influenza by Paul Glezen A Model for Understanding Disparities in Health and Health Care by Raymond Greenberg
Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials in America by Peter Greenwald Routine Molecular Epidemiology for Enhanced Detection and Control of Foodborne Outbreaks  Part I   Part II  by Lee Harrison
Epidemiology, Demography and Biometry Program   in Spanish  by Richard Havlik Global Diseases biological challenges of the 21st Century by D.A. Henderson
Perspectives on Clinical Outcomes of Studies of Products for Use in Cartilage Repair.  Validation of the OMERACT-OARSI Responder Index: Responders Have Better Overall Health Status than Non-responders  by Marc Hochberg Public Health – the Vision and the Challenge by Walter W Holland

International Conference on Emerging Infectious Disease (ICEID) 2000 (English version)     (Spanish version)  by James Hughes

Epidemiologic design from a sampling perspective    Whole grain, fiber, and health  by David Jacobs   21st. Century health challenges: Can be all become healthy, wealthy, and wise? by Jeff Koplan
Please search for lectures by Lewis Kuller(7) at the author's list page Please search for lectures by Ron LaPorte(56) at the author's list page
Dose-Response Relation between Physical Activity and Health: An Observational Epidemiologic Perspective  by I-Min Lee  
Antioxidant Vitamin Therapy: To 'E' or not to 'E'  by JoAnn Manson Modeling Potential Responses to Smallpox as a Bioterrorist Weapon  by Donald Millar

PATHOGENESIS OF AIDS. How does HIV cause AIDS?  Towards an HIV Vaccine  by Neal Nathanson

Please search for lectures by Roberta Ness(5) at the author's list page
Prevention of Sarcopenia: Part I    Part II  by Anne Newman Please search for lectures by Trevor Orchard(4) at the author's list page
Please search for lectures by Nigel Paneth(49) at the author's list page

IOM recommendations on drug safety: relevance for vaccines?   by  Bruce Psaty

Fixing The U.S. Health System State By State           Transforming The U.S. Health System: What Needs To Be Done & Your Role. Part I    Part II  by Stephen Schoenbaum Please search for lectures by Kim Sutton-Tyrell(6) at the author's list page
Clinical Trials of Anti-Infectives for Highly Resistant Microorganisms  by  Richard Wenzel  
                                           Archive of the history of CVD epidemiology  by Henry Blackburn

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