Supercourse Lectures provided by

Doug Brutlag, Rhiju Das, Gavin Sherlock, Mike Snyder, and Peter Karp

based on

Computational Molecular Biology course at

Genomics and Bioinformatics  Systematic Literature Search
The Human Genome Project Genome Databases
Protein Sequence Databases. Part I   Part II Sequence Alignment
Rapid Sequence Similarity Search. Part I   Part II Multiple Sequence Alignment
Phylogenies Protein Structural Motifs. Part I   Part II
Clustering and Functional Analysis of Coordinately Regulated Genes  Structures from scratch. Part I   Part II
Discovering Transcription Factor Binding Sites in Co-Regulated Genes. Part I   Part II Gene Regulatory Networks. Part I   Part II
miRNA Regulatory Networks Simple Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)
Structural Variation in the Human Genome. Part I   Part II Genome-Wide Association Studies: Linking Genes to Disease. Part I   Part II
Pathway Bioinformatics. Part I   Part II Pathway Bioinformatics(2). Part I   Part II

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