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Dona Schneider, PhD, MPH, FACE

E J Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

Rutgers University, NJ, USA 

              Principles of Epidemiology:

Principles of Epidemiology - 1      (Version in Spanish)      Version in Chinese

Data Sets and Outcome Measures. Part I     Part II    Part III     (Version in Spanish)  Part I    Part II   Part III   Part I in Chinese  Part II in Chinese  Part III in Chinese

SMRs, PMRs and Survival Measures  (Version in Spanish)

Showing Cause, Introduction to Study Design    (Version in Spanish) 

Bias, Confounding and the Role of Chance. Part I     Part II   (in Spanish) Part I     Part II  

Descriptive Epidemiology  (in Spanish)

Infectious Disease Epidemiology   (in Spanish) 

Investigating an Outbreak. Part I     Part II   (in Spanish) Part I     Part II

Cohort Studies    (in Spanish)   

Case-Control Studies   (in Spanish)  

Intervention Studies  (in Spanish)

Screening    (in Spanish)


Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology:

Part I    (In Spanish)         Part II    (In Spanish)          Part III    (In Spanish)



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