EPI 2110, Fall 2004

Principles of Epidemiology by Kevin E. Kip, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Medicine, Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 

Introduction to Epidemiology.  Part I       Part II 

Measures of Disease Occurrence. Part I     Part II   

Descriptive Epidemiology. Part I        Part II

Analytic Epidemiology. Part I         Part II

Evaluating Associations. Part I          Part II  

Standardization and Methods to Control Confounding. Part I     Part II

Effect Measure Modification and Intervention Studies. Part I      Part II  

Cohort Studies. Part I        Part II

Genetic Epidemiology. Part I      Part II

Case-Control, Case-Crossover, and Cross-Sectional Studies. Part I    Part II 

Evaluating Epidemiologic Literature  

Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Part I      Part II 

Measures of Public Health Impact                     

Screening. Part I      Part II  

Use of Race and Ethnicity In Epidemiological Research