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Our initial goal is to develop a network of those interested in Islam, the Internet and Health.  Now  we are establishing an Islamic global health network homepage  and  an Islamic Supercourse, including a variety of lectures  on Islam and health, prevention, nutrition, physical activity, and other topics. We welcome your suggestions and active participation.

If you have any comments, suggestions or you want  to join the Islamic Global Health Network (IGHNet) please contact Abdullatif Husseini (abdullatifh@gmail.com)  


Islamic Supercourse Lectures

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Islam and Health: An Introduction Child Health and Islam: Lessons for health promotion
Health Culture In Muslim World. Part I   Health Culture In Muslim World. Part II
Health, Nutrition in Islam Health Promotion: An Islamic Perspective

The discovery of the pulmonary circulation - who should get the credit: ibn Al-Nafis or William Harvey?
The origin of Bimaristans (hospitals) in Islamic medical history

Al-Zahrawi (Albucasis) : A light in the dark middle ages in Europe  

Quality of care
Health care palnning Diabetes mellitus
My experience with seraching the internet Surgey in diabetes mellitus
Strategic approaches in comabating diabetes mellitus part I    part II Strategic Plan: OIC- US Supercourse. New Beginning

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