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  2003   Golden Lecture of Prevention



New Lectures

Maternal and Child Health in Kazakhstan (In Russian)  December 31, 2003
THE INTEGRAL ASSESSMENT OF BIOTERRORISM THREAT. Episode I. Introduction Part I. (In Russian)    Part II.   December 31, 2003 THE INTEGRAL ASSESSMENT OF BIOTERRORISM THREAT. Episode II. OBJECTIVES, METHOD, TASKS (in Russian)   December 31, 2003
Self perceived health in Ukraine: results of a cross sectional survey (in Russian)    December 31, 2003 The epidemiology of smoking in Ukraine: a cross sectional survey undertaken in 2000 (in Russian)   December 31, 2003
Status of Water Quantity and Quality in Nepal  December 31, 2003 PATHFINDERS on the ROAD to HEALTH  December 31, 2003
Health transition and emerging cardiovascular disease in developing countries: situation and strategies for prevention. Part I    Part II     Part III   December 15, 2003 THE INTEGRAL ASSESSMENT OF BIOTERRORISM THREAT. Episode III. ONE YEAR AFTER. THE CHARACTER OF THREATS AND MAIN THREATS RANKING. (in Russian)  December 31, 2003

Health Service Finance in Rural China. Community-Based Prepayment compared to the Out-of-Pocket scheme  December 15, 2003

The Duke Stroke Policy Model (SPM). Part I    Part II     Part III   December 15, 2003 
CORRELATES OF WIFE ABUSE AMONG MARRIED MEN   December 15, 2003 Descriptive Epidemiology (in Spanish)  December 15, 2003
Infectious Disease Epidemiology (in Spanish)   December 15, 2003 AGES HEALTH  December 15, 2003
Importance of Race, Ethnicity and Genetics in Biomedical Research and Clinical Practice   December 15, 2003 Opportunities to Reduce Oral Health Disparities: Basic Sciences to Clinical Practice. Part I     Part II   December 15, 2003
The Role of Phytoestrogens in Cancer Etiology   December 15, 2003 Genetics of Osteoporosis. Part I     Part II   December 15, 2003
HIV/AIDS Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment in Older Patients   December 15, 2003 Informing Medicaid Policy With Cancer-related Health Services Research   December 15, 2003
Gastric Cancer Prevention  December 15, 2003 The evolving HIV epidemic in South Africa  December 15, 2003
Fear of Falling Among Seniors: Needs Assessment and Intervention Strategies   December 15, 2003 Risk Factors for Female Infertility in an Agricultural Region   December 15, 2003
Population Stabilization Issues: Specific Reference to India   December 15, 2003 Reproductive Health Trends and Issues  (Version in Spanish)  December 15, 2003
Maternal Smoking and Infant Birth Weight   (Version in Spanish)  December 15, 2003 Cyber-pharmacies and emerging concerns on marketing drugs Online  December 15, 2003
SOME PROBLEMS OF AIR POLLUTION IN ARMENIA WITHIN POST-SOVIET PERIOD   December 15, 2003 Artichoke of Population Studies & Clinical Practice.  Part I     Part II   December 15, 2003
Malt Liquor Use A Community College Study   December 15, 2003 Investigating an Outbreak. (in Spanish) Part I     Part II   December 15, 2003
Does the Pharmacotherapy of ADHD Beget Later Substance Abuse? A Meta-Analytic Review of the Literature   December 1, 2003 Analysis of Malaria Incidence, Altitude, and Rainfall a Study in the Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS) District, West Timor, Indonesia  December 1, 2003
CONTEXTUAL RISKS FOR MALADJUSTMENT: THE HIGH COSTS OF AFFLUENCE   December 1, 2003 The Role of Poverty in Prostate Cancer in African-Americans   December 1, 2003
Mr Os (osteoporosis), Hong Kong  December 1, 2003 WHO Statistics, 2000  December 1, 2003
Active Ageing   December 1, 2003 Systemic stiffness: a determinant of blood pressure?   December 1, 2003
Geriatric education for Primary Health Care physicians  December 1, 2003 INVESTMENT FOR HEALTH  December 1, 2003
Reading Between the Lines: deciphering the connections between literacy and health. Part I      Part II   December 1, 2003 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemiology and Treatment Considerations. Part I     Part II   December 1, 2003
Parkinson’s Disease and the Environment: the Potential Contribution of Metal-Gene Interactions   December 1, 2003 Bias, Confounding and the Role of Chance (in Spanish) Part I     Part II   December 1, 2003
National Health Expenditures in the Kyrgyz Republic  December 1, 2003 Situation analisys on HIV vertical transmission  December 1, 2003
Achievements of the Republic of Kazakhstan on recommendations of the VI CARK MCH Forum   December 1, 2003 Achievements in implementation of VI MCH CARK Forum recommendations   December 1, 2003
Programme on reduction of perinatal mortality in the Republic of Kazakhstan   December 1, 2003 Financing, Access, Quality and Outcomes in Primary Health Care: The case of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Part I     Part II   December 1, 2003
Prevention of Ovarian Cancer   December 1, 2003 Ovarian Cancer: Reproductive Factors and Beyond   December 1, 2003
OVERVIEW: DISPARITIES IN THE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF MENTAL DISORDERS   December 1, 2003 Access to and Need for Counseling Among Children after the September 11th Attacks on the World Trade Center  December 1, 2003
NEEDS ASSESSMENT : REPRODUCTIVE & CHILD HEALTH [RCH] CARE (Version in Spanish)   December 1, 2003 Quality in Family Planning / Reproductive Health services (Version in Spanish)    December 1, 2003
Using verbal autopsy to assess to pass to death Infant Mortality in Talas oblast, Kyrgyzstan, Years 1997-2001   December 1, 2003 Access and Quality of Primary Health Care with focus on Mother and Child Care  December 1, 2003
Occupational Health in Turkey Part I     Part II  (in Turkish) November 10, 2003 HIV/STD Risk Behaviors in Methamphetamine User Networks.Part I     Part II   December 1, 2003
Showing Cause, Introduction to Study Design (in Spanish) November 10, 2003 The Outer Limits of Drug Survey Monitoring Systems: Ethnographic sense making contributions to "hard data"    November 10, 2003
ESTUDIO DE LOS ESTILOS DE COMUNICACIÓN  November 10, 2003 SMRs, PMRs and Survival Measures (in Spanish)    November 10, 2003
Tabaquismo   November 10, 2003 eHealth eEurope eVolution  Part I     Part II   November 10, 2003
Occupational Asthma  November 10, 2003 Ecotoxicology & Environmental Toxicology  November 10, 2003
Polycyclic Organochlorines: Dioxins, Furans, PCBs   November 10, 2003 SMOKING, OCCUPATION: EITHER, NONE, BOTH?  November 10, 2003
Risk Assessment: A Conceptual Introduction  November 10, 2003 Solvents   November 10, 2003
Lactose intolerance  November 10, 2003 Dolori degli arti nel bambino  Part I     Part II   November 10, 2003
Adolescents and Reproductive Health   (in Spanish)  October 15, 2003 HIV Clinical Trials    revised  November 10,  2003
Violence against Women and Reproductive Health  (in Spanish) October 15, 2003 Care of Women with HIV Living in Limited-Resource Settings. Prevention (in Spanish)  Part I     Part II   November 10, 2003
Risk Management: A Conceptual Introduction       November 10, 2003 Carcinogenesis    November 10, 2003
Causation: An Overview for Occupational & Environmental Medicine   November 10, 2003 Data Sets and Outcome Measures. (in Spanish)  Part I    Part II   Part III    October 25, 2003
Working More Productively: Tools for Information-Rich Environments October 25, 2003 QUALITY OF REPRODUCTIVE & CHILD HEALTH CARE IN INDIA: ASSESSING THE STATUS - Part-I       Part-II     October 25, 2003
Building a Telepreventive Medicine Program For The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)  October 15, 2003 Insurance, the Presence of a Medical Home, and the Benefits of Primary Care for Children (in Spanish) Part I     Part II   October 15, 2003
Hereditary Hemochromatosis  October 15, 2003 Trypanosoma brucei causes African sleeping sickness  October 15, 2003
Willingness to Pay (WTP)  October 15, 2003 Principles of epidemiology (in Spanish)  October 15, 2003
STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION AND CAUSALITY (in Spanish) Part I     Part II   October 15, 2003  ‘I Think I Have Anthrax…’: Responding to Bioterror in the National Capital Region  October 15, 2003  
Vital Data (in Spanish)  October 15, 2003 Morbidity data: registries, surveillance (in Spanish)   October 15, 2003
Policy Reform in Family Welfare Program of India:Community Mobilization & Community Participation under Reproductive & Child Health Program (in Spanish)  October 15, 2003 Plasma Concentrations of Carotenoids, Retinol and Tocopherols in Preeclamptic and Normotensive Pregnant Women (in Spanish) October 15, 2003
Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers of New York. Response to the attack on the World Trade Center and Report on Preparedness for Future Events  October 15, 2003 Ascaris, Trichuris, Enterobius, Ancylostoma, Strongyloides and Trichinella (Nematoda), and the diseases that these roundworms cause in humans October 15, 2003
The International Food Standards and Recommendations  October 15, 2003 Codex Alimentarius - basic principles-   October 15, 2003
Bias and Confounding (in Spanish) Part I    Part II    October 15, 2003 Reproductive and Child Health in India (in Spanish)    October 15, 2003
Malnutrition in Pakistani Children (in Spanish)  October 15, 2003 Case-Control Studies (in Spanish) October 15, 2003
The WTO Agreement on the Application of SPS Measures October 15, 2003 Women and Smoking. A Report of the Surgeon General-2001 October 15, 2003
Golden Lecture of Prevention (in Macedonian)    (in Indonesian)  October 15, 2003 NEEDS ASSESSMENT : REPRODUCTIVE & CHILD HEALTH [RCH] CARE October 15, 2003
The History of Bioterrorism  October 15, 2003 Cohort Studies (in Spanish) October 15, 2003
Study base and directionality, community surveys (in Spanish)  September 5, 2003 Randomized Trials (in Spanish)   September 5, 2003
Survival and Life Tables (in Spanish)  September 5, 2003 MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella   September 5, 2003
Hormonal Replacement Therapy for postmenopausal females: To give or not to give?  September 5, 2003 Health inequalities in adolescence ( from description to explanation) (in Spanish)  September 5, 2003
Molecular biology and Genetics of measles virus (In Russian) Part I    Part II    Part III  September 5, 2003 Diarrhea is caused by waterborne Entamoeba, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Cyclospora   September 5, 2003
Vitale Gesellschaft. Health and disease in Germany, Europe and worldwide: Facts, predictions and chances for prevention. Part I   Part II     (Version in German  Part I   Part II)  September 5, 2003 METHODS AND PROBLEMS OF DEVELOPING AND USING INSTRUMENTS FOR MEASURING QUALITY OF LIFE OF THE MENTALLY ILL    (Russian Version)    September 5, 2003
Impact Of Preeclampsia On Birth Outcomes (In Spanish)  September 5, 2003 EMPHYSEMA AND SPIROMETRY   September 5, 2003
Al-Zahrawi (Albucasis) : A light in the dark middle ages in Europe   September 5, 2003 Occupational exposure to aerosols from waterproofing agents   September 5, 2003
HIV in mothers and children (In Spanish) Part I   Part II    Part III  September 5, 2003 Invasive and Non-invasive Monitoring of Hepatitis C . Virus-induced Liver Fibrosis, Alternatives or Complements?  September 5, 2003
Challenges in exposure assessment to Diesel soot   September 5, 2003 The Use of Epidemiologic Methods in Disasters   September 5, 2003
Disease Transmission and Context (in Spanish)  September 5, 2003 Introduction To Epidemiology (in Spanish)     September 5, 2003
Policy Reform in Family Welfare Program of India:Community Mobilization & Community Participation under Reproductive & Child Health Program   September 5, 2003 Standardized Rates and Ratios, Age/cohort/period Analysis (in Spanish)   September 5, 2003
Too Many Germs, Too Few Monkeys. The Need for Artificial Organisms for Testing and Validating Pharmaceuticals    September 5, 2003 The Mundane to the Critical: The Need for Transition from Individual Care to Population Health Maintenance   September 5, 2003
Disease Categorization and Classification (in Spanish)  September 5, 2003 Population Sampling (in Spanish)  September 5, 2003
Epidemiology of amebiasis (In Spanish)  September 5, 2003 POOL DE IDEAS (In Spanish)   September 5, 2003
Validity, Reliability, Screening for Disease (In Spanish)  September 5, 2003 La técnica de los grupos focales (In Spanish)   September 5, 2003
Monkeypox: Outbreak in the US   August 15, 2003 Measures of Disease Frequency (in Spanish)  September 5, 2003
Surveillance    August 15, 2003 HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE IN HAITI (In French)   August 15, 2003
Leprosy   August 15, 2003 Urban Leprosy Elimination   August 15, 2003
Medical-based Geographical Information System (mGIS). Diagnosis versus Healing    August 15, 2003 HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE IN FRENCH SPEAKING DEVELOPING COUNTRIES(In French)     August 15, 2003
Health care system strategy in Kazakhstan (in Russian)    August 15, 2003 Primordial prevention    August 15, 2003
¿Cómo pensar las Insuficiencias Cardíacas?  (In Spanish)  Part I   Part II         Part III    Part IV         August 15, 2003 Universal coverage in health care financing: is community-based insurance the answer?    August 15, 2003
PULSE POLIO IMMUNIZATION    August 15, 2003 Problem based learning in Europe/Cancer Education     August 15, 2003
Development of Outbreak Investigation Database for hospital Infections August 15, 2003 Community Acquired Pneumonia Challenges in the New Millenium      August 15, 2003
Hepatitis C Primer for HIV Care Providers. Part I    Part II   August 15, 2003 Poliomyelitis       August 15, 2003
VULNERABILIDADE SOCIAL (In Spanish)    August 15, 2003 Sickle cell anemia and thalassemias August 15, 2003
Quality Management Systems (QMS) for Laboratories Preparation and Implementation. Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV  Part V   August 15, 2003 Quality Assurance Programmes for Laboratory Testing - An Overview      August 15, 2003
Amebiasis   August 15, 2003 Rabies   August 15, 2003
Air Pollution and Health: An introduction    August 15, 2003 NIH Grant Writing. Part I    Part II    August 15, 2003
Chagas disease   August 15, 2003 The mosquito vectors: Aedes aegypti and A. albopictus  August 15, 2003
Health inequalities in adolescence ( from description to explanation)   August 15, 2003 Helping Children Develop Healthy Attitudes Toward Stuttering  (In Spanish)    August 15, 2003
Adolescent Health (In Spanish)   August 15, 2003 Risky Behaviors in Adolescence  (In Spanish)   August 15, 2003
The Hanlon¨s method in the determination of priorities  (in Spanish)  August 15, 2003 CURRENT PERSPECTIVES OF SAFETY & HEALTH AT WORK IN SINGAPORE   August 15, 2003
Leishmaniasis    August 15, 2003 Schistosomiasis    August 15, 2003
Cysticercosis and echinococcosis    August 15, 2003 Filariasis   August 15, 2003
Golden Lecture of Prevention (in English)  (in Russian)   (in Italian)   (in Chinese)  (in Arabic)   (in Japanese)   (in Spanish) (in Korean)  (in Portuguese)  (in Romanian)   (in Croatian)   August 15, 2003 New Developments in Confidence Intervals That Improve Result Reporting:Confidence Levels,Clinical Significance Curves and Risk-Benefit Contours  June 15, 2003
Telepreventive medicine      June 15, 2003 Diphtheria  June 15, 2003
Cardiology Practice in Grenada, West Indies       June 15, 2003 OPEN ANGLE GLAUCOMA  June 15, 2003
The National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Program (NIDDCP). Part I   Part II       June 15, 2003 Mutant Prevention Concentration and the Selection Window Hypothesis. Part I   Part II       June 15, 2003
Nutrition and Health  June 15, 2003 Academic Research Council  June 15, 2003
Alcohol as a Pain Killer      June 15, 2003 Violence against Women in Kazakhstan. Part I  Part II  Part III June 15, 2003
Exploring the Scientific Basis of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Part I   Part II       May 15, 2003 A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - XI (Epidemiologic Research Designs: Experimental/Interventional Studies)  May 15, 2003
A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - XII (Critiquing the Research: Methodological Issues)     May 15, 2003 A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - XIII (Critiquing the Research: Statistical Considerations)  May 15, 2003
Malaria basics  May 15, 2003 Cardiovascular Disease in Black Women     May 15, 2003
USES OF DEMOGRAPHY      May 15, 2003 Cardiovascular Diseases and Soils  May 15, 2003
Sick Building Syndrome in Relation to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Overtime   May 1, 2003 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Part I    Part II    May 1, 2003  Part III    Part IY    Part Y    Part YI
National Centre for problems of healthy lifestyle development  May 1, 2003 Internet2. Overview. Part I   Part II       May 1, 2003
C-Sections and VBACs – Past, Present, and Future   May 1, 2003 Identification of Bioterrorism Agents. Part I   Part II       May 1, 2003
Allergy in Children (In Arabic)   May 1, 2003 Nepal: Health Status Country Profile in Brief       May 1, 2003
A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - VIII (Epidemiologic Research Designs: Cross-Sectional/Prevalence Studies)   May 1, 2003 A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - IX (Epidemiologic Research Designs: Case-Control Studies     May 1, 2003
1000 Drug Interactions That You Didn’t Know You Knew   May 1, 2003 A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology - X (Epidemiologic Research Designs: Cohort Studies)    May 1, 2003
EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE   May 1, 2003 Principles of HIV Therapy. Simple is Better!       May 1, 2003
Health Care in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities   April 15, 2003 An Overview of TB in SAARC Countries and Role of SAARC TB Centre in TB Control. Part I   Part II       April 15, 2003
Developmental (Congenital) Dysplasia of the Hip. Natural History and Prevention Levels    April 15, 2003 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR THE HEALTH SECTOR IN NEPAL    April 15, 2003
The Health and Wellbeing of Womankind    April 15, 2003 Conservation in the tropics and Prosopis: The allpurpose tree    April 15, 2003
Dengue    April 15, 2003 Caseous lymphadenitis in goats & sheep    April 15, 2003
Changing Strategies Of Treatment Of Hypertension    April 15, 2003 Internet2. Applications. Health Sciences    October 25, 2003
Acne Treatment and Therapeutic Strategies    April 15, 2003 Evaluation and Management of Anemia in Family Practice    April 15, 2003
Research for Health Policy Development     April 15, 2003 ADULT IMMUNIZATION    April 15, 2003
Risk factors for coronary Artery diseases in Pakistanis: A cross–sectional Study    April 15, 2003 Family Medicine And Primary Care. Teaching Programs As A Priority Discipline In Pakistan    April 15, 2003
Public health in Cuba     April 1, 2003 Role of CHNs / LHVs in Hypertension Control    April 15, 2003
Effect of Sport Nutrition Education in High School Students from Low-Income Communities. Part I     Part II    April 1, 2003 Vigilancia epidemiológica para el VIH/SIDA ¿Por qué la Vigilancia de Segunda Generación (VESG)? (In Spanish)  April 1, 2003
Anestesia en Cirugía Coronaria Sin CEC (In Spanish)  April 1, 2003 Transplante Cardio - Pulmonar (In Spanish)  April 1, 2003
Reproductive and Child Health in India     April 1, 2003 Consumer Healthcare Education. Part I    Part II   April 1, 2003
Principles of Research Synthesis Part I.  Part II.   March 15, 2003 Cryoanalgesia    April 1, 2003
Systolic Heart Failure  March 15, 2003 Les inégalités sociales de santé au Québec (In French) March 15, 2003
The discovery of the pulmonary circulation - who should get the credit: ibn Al-Nafis or William Harvey?  March 15, 2003 The Big Ten Tropical Diseases. Categorization and research strategic emphases    (In Spanish)    March 15, 2003
One for You and One for Me: Drug Seeking Patients and Professionals. Part I   Part II   March 15, 2003 The origin of Bimaristans (hospitals) in Islamic medical history March 15, 2003
Evaluation and evaluative research in healthcare: analysis of an example   March 15, 2003 A ‘pandemic’ of adenocarcinomas in the new millennium: a common causal pathway? March 15, 2003
A Review of Foodborne Illness & an Outbreak Investigation that Lead to a Product Recall  March 15, 2003 Estimation of risk of harmful action of factors of environment on some parameters of health of newborn in 1990 years (In Russian) March 15, 2003
TOXICITY OF NEW GENERATION PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS  March 15, 2003 Assault with a Chemical Weapon: Its worse out there than just Bioterrorism. Part I      Part II        March 15, 2003
Healthy Worker Effect (HWE). An annoying methodological aspect in occupational studies? Part I.   Part II.   March 1, 2003 Exposure to organic solvents and health in developing countries - perspectives on prevention March 1, 2003
Diastolic Heart Failure  March 1, 2003 A Foodborne Outbreak of Gastroenteritis in a Teaching Hospital March 1, 2003
Hypertension update Which guideline to follow?  March 1, 2003 Childhood Asthma with an emphasis on disease misclassification and synthetic bedding March 1, 2003
Bone Marrow Transplantation  March 1, 2003 Health Policies in Turkey (In Turkish) March 1, 2003
ANESTESIA EN CIRUGIA CARDIACA (In Spanish). Part I.    Part II.   February 15, 2003  Enfermedades valvulares (In Spanish) February 15, 2003
Anestesia CCV (In Spanish) February 15, 2003 Decentralization February 15, 2003
Factors Influencing the Extent of the Inflammatory Response to Cardiac Surgery   February 15, 2003 DEVOLUTION PLAN AND HEALTH CARE IN PAKISTAN. CHALLENGES AND CONSTRAINTS February 15, 2003
Concepts of Demography February 15, 2003 Primary Health Care February 15, 2003
Social Marketing on Health management. Children’s participation context. (In Spanish)   February 15, 2003 Urban/Rural- and Income-Related Variations in Correlates of Physical Activity in U.S. Adults February 15, 2003
Training Evaluation February 15, 2003 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE February 15, 2003
Conflict Management  February 15, 2003 Operations Research February 15, 2003
Oaths:The Hippocratic Tradition  February 15, 2003 PAKISTAN: Epidemiological Transition. Country Statistics February 15, 2003
Reproductive Health   January 31, 2003 Zoonotic Pathogens: An Introduction (in Russian)   January 31, 2003
Epidemiology of Alzheimer’s Disease   January 31, 2003 Quality in Family Planning / Reproductive Health services   January 31, 2003
Supercourse overview (in Italian)  January 31, 2003  Society, Culture & Health Care system. Part I.       Part II.  January 31, 2003 
EL MALTRATO INFANTIL: UN PROBLEMA MUNDIAL   January 31, 2003 Paludismo (Malaria) a formas graves en la infancia   January 31, 2003
SOCIAL MARKETING. Applications in public health   January 31, 2003 MODELOS DE ATENCIÓN DEL EMBARAZO  January 31, 2003 
Sexual and Reproductive Health Services. Health Sector Reforms   January 31, 2003 Public health & Globalisation    January 31, 2003
Hospital San José S.A. de C.V. Los derechos generales de los pacientes. La enfermera ante los derechos generales de los pacientes   January 31, 2003 Epidemiology and Control of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in hospitals (in Russian)   January 31, 2003
Behaviour Concept At Medical Sciences   January 31, 2003 WOMEN’S HEALTH IN GYOR     (in Hungarian)      January 31, 2003
Mutual Fund Lecture     January 15, 2003 The Principles of Outbreak Epidemiology   January 31, 2003
Taking Charge of Your Health: Weight Management   January 15, 2003 PHYSICAL ACTIVITY FOR AGEING SUCCESSFULLY   January 15, 2003
Cerebral protection   Part II     January 15, 2003 The Use of “Fear Appeals” in Public Health Campaigns and in Patient/Provider Encounters   January 15, 2003
Chickenpox in Children, Adults and Pregnancy: What to do?   January 15, 2003 VIH/SIDA y Tuberculosis en Pediatría. Consideraciones. Part I       Part II   January 15, 2003
Malnutrition in Pakistani Children    January 15, 2003 Elimination of Leprosy   January 15, 2003

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