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  2004   Golden Lecture of Prevention



New Lectures

Evidence-based Public Health . . .and some reasons why we need it. Part I     Part II   December 08, 2004  
Hepatitis C in Pakistan   December 08, 2004 Introduction to R   December 08, 2004
Heights and Weights of Mexican Children     December 08, 2004 Plan Puebla Panama  December 08, 2004
Insulin for Life     December 08, 2004 PROTEIN ENERGY MALNUTRITION     December 08, 2004
LOW CARBOHYDRATE, LOW INSULIN, MODERATE PROTEIN, HEALTHY FATS AS THE BASIS FOR BLOOD GLUCOSE NORMALIZATION IN DIABETES      December 08, 2004 Using Evidence To Improve Public Health Infrastructure.  Part I     Part II   December 08, 2004
Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: Begin in Childhood!   December 08, 2004 QUALITY OF REPRODUCTIVE & CHILD HEALTH CARE IN INDIA: ASSESSING THE STATUS. Part I     Part II (In Spanish)   December 08, 2004
CONSAGUINITY AND APNEA OF PREMATURITY  December 08, 2004 New World birth rates and standards of living  December 08, 2004
Oxidant Mechanisms in Response to Ambient Air Particles     December 08, 2004 INTRODUCTORY LECTURE ON ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH  December 08, 2004
REVISED NATIONAL TUBERCULOSIS CONTROL PROGRAMME    December 08, 2004 Opportunities and Challenges in reducing heterosexual HIV transmission   December 08, 2004
SOIL AND SHOWER OF HIV/AIDS IN INDIA      December 08, 2004 Update on Acute Asthma     December 08, 2004
Behavior Strategies in Diet Control The Challenge and the Cure     December 08, 2004 Anaphylaxis & Acute Allergic Reactions in the Emergency Department   December 08, 2004
The Fertility Transition in Historical Perspective (In Spanish)     December 08, 2004 An update on HIV/AIDS and STDs in Pakistan: epidemiological trends over the last decade  December 08, 2004
Pharmaceutical companies & HIV/AIDS in developing settings     December 08, 2004 Health Reform Experiences - Future Challenges in the European Region  November 08, 2004
Problems in treatment of arterial hypertension (In Russian)     November 08, 2004 Industrial model for management of quality of health care. Part I.   (Part II. (In Russian)   November 08, 2004
Workers’ Compensation: An Introduction      November 08, 2004 Social Medicine (Hygene) (In Russian)       November 08, 2004
Turning the Alley of Information Exchange in Developing Countries to the Super Highway      November 08, 2004 Estimation the size of effect. Part I     Part II (In Russian)    November 08, 2004
HIV, health, etc (In Russian)     November 08, 2004 Drug addiction (In Russian)    November 08, 2004
Health and National Security Issues of the USA   November 08, 2004 Introduction to Epidemiology. Part I   Part II   November 08, 2004
Measures of Disease Occurrence. Part I     Part II  November 08, 2004 Descriptive Epidemiology. Part I    Part II   November 08, 2004
Analytic Epidemiology. Part I    Part II    November 08, 2004 Evaluating Associations. Part I    Part II   November 08, 2004
Standardization and Methods to Control Confounding. Part I     Part II November 08, 2004 Effect Measure Modification and Intervention Studies. Part I     Part II       November 08, 2004
Cohort Studies. Part I    Part II     November 08, 2004 Genetic Epidemiology. Part I   Part II  November 08, 2004
Case-Control, Case-Crossover, and Cross-Sectional Studies. Part I    Part II November 08, 2004 Prenatal and Postnatal Growth and Endocrine Diseases. Part I    Part II   November 08, 2004
Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Part I      Part II    November 08, 2004 Measures of Public Health Impact       November 08, 2004
Screening. Part I    Part II    November 08, 2004 Use of Race and Ethnicity In Epidemiological Research November 08, 2004
Statistics Idiots Guide!     November 08, 2004 Evaluating Epidemiologic Literature    November 08, 2004
Starting an educational program in Public Health in Medical Academy (In Russian)     November 08, 2004 Analysis of physician's mistakes in Russia (2000-2003) (In Russian)       November 08, 2004
Bolonya declaration and reality of Russian education system (In Russian)      November 08, 2004 Situation analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis of cervical cancer screening in Russia November 08, 2004
Health Reform Experiences - Future Challenges in the European Region (In Russian)     November 08, 2004 WHY WE NEED COST-EFFECTIVENESS ANALYSIS. Part I    Part II   November 08, 2004
Issues Related to Health Care Financing      November 08, 2004 Thyroid Orbitopathy (TO)       November 08, 2004
Emigration from Mexico to the US      November 08, 2004 Introduction to Epidemiology  November 08, 2004
Epidemiology of Aging     November 08, 2004 Physicians of the world - USA (In Russian)  November 08, 2004
Prevalence of conditions associated with the use of psychoactive drugs in Krasnoarskii Krai, Russia (In Russian)    November 08, 2004 The use of psychoactive drugs among adolescents of Chapaevsk, Russia (In Russian)  November 08, 2004
Evidence for substitution of inappropriate hospitalizations with home and day-care for the elderly (In Russian and English)      November 08, 2004 Multilevel marketing of food supplements as Public health problem (In Russian)   November 08, 2004
Population Strategy of Prevention (In Russian)     November 08, 2004 Tuberculous in Samara, Russia (In Russian)   November 08, 2004
Macro-economic theory and practice and European policy of Public Health (In Russian)     November 08, 2004 The difference in understanding of terms «Administration» and «Management» at ruling of medical organizations (In Russian)       November 08, 2004
Preferential Drug Supply System in Russia (In Russian)    November 08, 2004 Competencies Required of Public Health Professionals and Leaders (In Russian) November 08, 2004
Prosperity, Health, Demography, Government and World - Perspectives for Russia. Part I.    Part II (In Russian)     November 08, 2004 Organization of Health Care Services for the Elderly: Russia (In Russian)   November 08, 2004
HISPANIC ETHNICITY, RURAL RESIDENCE, AND REGULAR SOURCE OF CARE     November 08, 2004 Teaching in the field of Public Health. Part I.     Part II (In Russian)       November 08, 2004
Ethical Theories (In Russian)      November 08, 2004 Malaria Control in India. Part I    Part II     November 08, 2004
Epidemiology in Public Health. Part I.    Part II (In Russian)   November 08, 2004 Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Latin America   November 08, 2004
Primary Care, Health, and Equity. Part I     Part II    November 08, 2004 Rehabilitation of disabled swimmers (in Russian)     November 08, 2004
FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THE PATTERN OF DENGUE HAEMORRHAGIC FEVER (DHF) INCIDENCE IN INDONESIA      November 08, 2004 Bacterial Vaginosis and Pregnancy: Clinical Overview and Public Health Implications   November 08, 2004
Premarriage counsultancy and genetic information Part I (In Turkish)    Part II  November 08, 2004 Communicating health information in low and middle income countries (In Georgian)  November 08, 2004
Evidence-Based Medicine: Promises and Problems (In Georgian)      November 08, 2004 Trying to meet the information needs of doctors (In Georgian)    November 08, 2004
Introduction to Health Economics (In Georgian)      November 08, 2004 Horse Breeding   November 08, 2004
Quality in Health Care Delivery. Part I   Part II   November 08, 2004 Drinking water and health   November 08, 2004
Creation of PowerPoint presentation (In Russian)     November 08, 2004 MALE INVOLVEMENT IN REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH      November 08, 2004
Health Disparities in Physical Activity: Patterns and Implications      November 08, 2004 Social Epidemiologic Methods in International Population Health and Health Services Research  November 08, 2004
Organization Charts (In Russian)     November 08, 2004 Biostatistics and Its Role in Public Health      November 08, 2004
Mass communication and social marketing     November 08, 2004 Health Communications in the Community       November 08, 2004
Toward Effective Patient-Provider Communication with Elderly Latinos. Part I.    Part II   November 08, 2004 Prevalence of chronic constipation in general population    November 08, 2004
Prevention Cardiovascular disease      September 12, 2004 "HEALTH FOR ALL" IN 21ST CENTURY September 12, 2004
Rehabilitation of disabled athletes and children (in Russian)      September 12, 2004 Malaria in pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa: Relationships with mothers’ anemia and their infants’ birth weight September 12, 2004
Manuscript Preparation and the Publication Process      September 12, 2004 MEDICAL GEOLOGY (Geomedicine). Part I     Part II       September 12, 2004
Long Range Strategy Plan ORBIS INTERNATIONAL – INDIA     September 12, 2004 Overdiagnosis in mammography screening for breast cancer in Sweden and Norway September 12, 2004
Public Health Training in Pakistan      September 12, 2004 Horse Diseases. Part I     Part II      Part III  September 12, 2004
The National Children's Study (in Spanish)      September 12, 2004 Depression During Pregnancy (in Spanish) September 12, 2004
Problems of Public Health development in Russia (in Russian)      September 12, 2004 Health Care for stroke patients. Part I. (In Russian)     Part II    September 12, 2004
Human Resource Development in Healthcare Organizations      September 12, 2004 PLAIN LANGUAGE SMOKING CESSATION. Part I     Part II   September 12, 2004
Project Management      September 12, 2004 MALARIA CONTROL PROGRAMME September 12, 2004
Public-Private Partnerships in Health      September 12, 2004 Human Resources in Health Care  September 12, 2004
Customer Satisfaction and Service Marketing       September 12, 2004 Health Care Financing  September 12, 2004
Gender and Health      September 12, 2004 Adolescent Smoking    (version In Russian)  September 12, 2004
Evidence Based Medicine  A (In Russian)      September 12, 2004 THE LOGICAL FRAMEWORK APPROACH September 12, 2004
Evidence Based Medicine B  (In Russian)      September 12, 2004 Children's syphylis (in Russian)    September 12, 2004
Smoking. Can we stop an epidemia? Part I. (In Russian)     Part II   September 12, 2004 Palliative Medicine in Russia Part I. (In Russian)     Part II    September 12, 2004
Pension Crisis      September 12, 2004 Physical Activity Epidemiology      September 12, 2004
Cómo hacer con EpiInfoTM.Módulo 0: Obtener e instalar el programa EpiInfoTM. Part I (In Spanish)      September 12, 2004 Cómo hacer con EpiInfoTM. Módulo 1: Una base de datos sencilla. Part II (In Spanish) September 12, 2004
Cómo hacer con EpiInfoTM. Módulo 2: Una base de datos de una página. Part III (In Spanish)      September 12, 2004 Cómo hacer con EpiInfoTM.Módulo 3: Introducir información en una base de datos. Part IY (In Spanish) September 12, 2004
Lameness in Racehorses      September 12, 2004 Horse Genetics for Speed September 12, 2004
Climate and health      September 12, 2004 Radiologic Terrorism. Part I     Part II    September 12, 2004
Can Physical Activity Attenuate Aging-related Weight Loss in Older People? The Yale Health and Aging Study, 1982-1994  September 12, 2004 Russian Federation: Linking Health, Poverty and Economic Growth  September 12, 2004
Organization of Health Care Services for the Elderly: Russia    September 12, 2004 Serie: Cómo hacer con EpiInfoTM.Módulo 4: Navegando por la base de datos con Enter. Part Y (In Spanish) September 12, 2004
Understanding Obesity through Sociology  September 12, 2004 HOW TO INTERPRET YOUR LAB TESTS  September 12, 2004
Evidence Based Medicine. The Hierarchy of Evidence. Part I      Part II    (In Russian)   Part I      Part II   September 12, 2004 Epidemiological Reasoning Using Cancer Statistics. Part I     Part II    (In Russian)   Part I      Part II  September 12, 2004
Monitoring of medical knowledges and relation to own health in Stavropol, Russia (In Russian)       September 12, 2004 WHO’s PUBLIC HEALTH PRIORITIES AND MESSAGES at country level  September 12, 2004
Good to Great. Building a Great Global Health Center      September 12, 2004 Transportation Safety for Wheelchair Occupants. Part I     Part II      Part III  August 02, 2004
Physical Activity & Health (In Spanish)        September 12, 2004 Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension      August 02, 2004
Anaplasmosis and taxonomic issues      August 02, 2004 Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis      August 02, 2004
Prevention of Birth Defects (In Spanish)      August 02, 2004 e-Readiness Assessment, - A Health Perspective -      August 02, 2004
The Hope of Prevention Training in South Asia      August 02, 2004 Ticks      August 02, 2004
Environmental Endocrine Disruptors. Part I: Toxicity    Part II: Bioaccumulation      Part III: Persistence and Prevention      August 02, 2004 Vitamin K and Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn (In Spanish)      August 02, 2004
Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology. Part I (In Spanish)      Part II (In Spanish)     Part III (In Spanish)     August 02, 2004 Competencies Required of Public Health Professionals and Leaders      August 02, 2004
Ethics in Public Health      August 02, 2004 Food Fortification in Public Health Policy      August 02, 2004
Prevention Diabetes      August 02, 2004 Exercise and Health      August 02, 2004
Physical Activity & Health (In Persian)      June 30, 2004 POLIO ERADICATION PROGRAM IN INDIA      June 30, 2004
Function of Aminoglycoside–Arginine Conjugates (AACs) as inhibitors of HIV-1 replication       June 30, 2004 Manitoba First Nations: Health & Health Care in an Aboriginal Population       June 30, 2004
Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus in Mexico     June 30, 2004 Exercise and Health, an Olympic Ideal       June 30, 2004
An Evidence-Based Approach to Clinical Practice in Communication Disorders. Part I     Part II     Part III    June 30, 2004 HIV INFECTION AND INJECTION DRUG USE: The Importance of Gender      June 30, 2004
West Nile Virus Encephalitis      June 30, 2004 Work, Family, and Adult Health      June 30, 2004
Identification of needs in a high risk population    May 28, 2004 Occupational Stress    May 28, 2004 
VULVODYNIA. Clinical Aspects and Research Initiative.  Part I   Part II      May 28, 2004 MODY: MATURITY-ONSET DIABETES OF THE YOUNG. Part I    Part II        May 28, 2004
School Health  (In Turkish)  May 28, 2004 Adolescent Health (in Turkish)    May 28, 2004
Telepreventive medicine. Part I  Part II   May 28, 2004 The National Children's Study   May 28, 2004
Physical Activity & Health   May 28, 2004 Syphilis is still with us    May 28, 2004
Kansas 9/14/04 Tornado   May 28, 2004 Sample size (In Russian)    May 28, 2004
Physical Activity & Health (In Russian)   May 28, 2004 Cancer Survivorship Research: Challenge and Opportunity. Part I   Part II  May 28, 2004
Cholera and Global Health. Part I   Part II   Part III   May 28, 2004
Biological Effects of Nitric Oxide and its Role in Cell Signaling  April 28, 2004 Knowledge access and sharing. An overview of access models. Part I        Part II  April 28, 2004
YEAST AND CANCER  April 28, 2004 Evidence and scientific communication  April 28, 2004
Tornados  April 28, 2004 Is transparency is fundamental to quality in health care?  April 28, 2004
Conflict of interest: my journey   April 28, 2004 Research misconduct and biomedical journal  April 28, 2004
The future of biomedical publishing with a few extra thoughts. Part I      Part II  April 28, 2004 Is the relationship between the industry and prescribers (doctors) in trouble? Part I    Part II   April 28, 2004
What information I would want as a patient (and what I’d get in Britain)   April 28, 2004 Has there been any progress in exposing and dealing with editorial misconduct?   April 28, 2004
Genes, Cognition and Emotion. Part I   Part II   April 28, 2004 Editorial misconduct: time to act   April 28, 2004
Reproductive Health (in Spanish)   April 28, 2004 An old fart attempts to impart wisdom to bright young things  April 28, 2004
Where are the limits of medicine: are we turning the whole world into patients?  April 28, 2004 The geographic orientation of Southeast Asia regarding the spread of HIV/AIDS  April 28, 2004
The role of journals in promoting prevention (beyond the publication of original research)  April 28, 2004 Risk Factors for Female Infertility in an Agricultural Region (in Spanish)   April 28, 2004
Reporting on patient safety and medical errors  April 28, 2004 Publication bias in clinical trials   April 28, 2004
The evolution of peer review: e-developments  April 28, 2004 Partnerships in paediatrics: renegotiating the contract   April 28, 2004
HIV / AIDS EPIDEMIC IN INDIA   April 28, 2004 Trying to meet the information needs of doctors  April 28, 2004
Knowledge management and information and communication technology    April 28, 2004 Communicating health information in low and middle income countries   April 28, 2004
Conflict of interest: an editor’s jaundiced view   April 28, 2004 Is medicine corrupt? Part I   Part II  April 28, 2004
The inside view on writing for medical journals   April 28, 2004 The unhappiness of doctors: policy implications  April 28, 2004
How the BMJ triages submitted manuscripts  April 28, 2004 Too much medicine?  April 28, 2004
The Tavistock Principles for everybody in health care   April 28, 2004 Reflections of an editor on research and practice?  April 28, 2004
The role of peer reviewed journals in providing information for doctors and patients   April 28, 2004 The future for medical education: speculation and possible implications  April 28, 2004
Impact of PubMed Central on   April 28, 2004 Doctors and leadership: oil and water?  April 28, 2004 new initiatives   April 28, 2004 Muckraking is an honourable trade   April 28, 2004
The future of medical journals  April 28, 2004 Reducing medical error and increasing patient safety  April 28, 2004
Universities and Mammon: an editor’s reflections   April 28, 2004 Informing health professionals, protecting patients  April 28, 2004
Does your journal have any influence?   April 28, 2004 Introduction to Homoeopathy  April 28, 2004
Information Mastery: Evidence-Based Medicine in Everyday Practice           April 28, 2004 The pharmaceutical industry’s influence on medical publishing              April 28, 2004
The role of the general practitioner in tomorrow’s world   April 28, 2004 Globalisation of the empowered health care consumer  April 28, 2004
Who stands behind the word?   April 28, 2004 The future of health care  April 28, 2004
Publication ethics: an embarrassing amount of room for improvement   April 28, 2004 Why I published "the albumin paper": confession of a buccaneering editor  April 28, 2004
Evidence based practice (not medicine): perspectives of an editor          April 28, 2004 Ethics of Publishing: Balancing the routine and revolutionary                 April 28, 2004
What future for medical journals?  April 28, 2004 Fraud in medical research   April 28, 2004
The work of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics)  April 28, 2004 Ethical issues in publishing research and ethics committees  April 28, 2004
How editors like their papers   April 28, 2004 Beyond evidence based practice   April 28, 2004
Disaster Epidemiologic lessons from Bam Earthquake Dec 26, 2003 Iran. Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V   Part VI   Part VII   April 28, 2004 Conflict of interest: journals, guidelines, and specialist societies            April 28, 2004
If I were the editor in chief of the Cochrane Collaboration…  April 28, 2004 BMJ Publishing Group: an introduction  April 28, 2004
Risk Communication: An Introduction   April 28, 2004 Chest Pain & Unstable Angina  April 28, 2004
Intervention Studies (in Spanish)  April 28, 2004 Depression During Pregnancy   April 28, 2004
Acute P. aeruginosa Infections-From Genes to the Bedside. The relationship between research and clinical care. Part I  Part II April 28, 2004 Screening (in Spanish)  April 28, 2004
Golden Lecture of Prevention (In Georgian)   March 28, 2004 Update Regarding Blood Transfusions.  Part I     Part II   April 28, 2004
TORNADO-RELATED DEATHS AND INJURIES DUE TO THE MAY 3, 1999 TORNADOES    March 28, 2004 Why is Public Health Important to Countries of Eastern Europe and Russia?  (In Russian)  March 28, 2004
Why Is Sequence Comparison Useful? Part I    Part II.   March 28, 2004 Health Reform Issues   (In Russian)   March 28, 2004
SOCIAL SECURITY & MEDICARE REFORMS   March 28, 2004 Survival and Life Tables (In Portuguese)   March 28, 2004
Strategic Planning In Public Health: A Program Approach      (In Russian)    March 28, 2004 One Strategy for Gene/Cell Therapy: Harness the Natural Ability of Adult Stem Cells to Repair Tissues   March 28, 2004
COGNITIVE APPROACHES TO SUICIDE. Part I    Part II.   March 28, 2004 LIQUIDOS Y ELECTROLITOS. (In Spanich) Part I    Part II.   March 28, 2004
Sepsis y Falla Organica Multipletratamiento no antibiotico (In Spanich)    March 28, 2004 Sepsis y Falla Organica Multiple Part I. (In Spanich)   Part II.   March 28, 2004
Clash Of The Titans! Convergence Of Tau And Alpha-Synuclein Amyloid In Neurodegenerative Diseases    March 28, 2004 Modeling travel distance to health care using geographic information systems   March 28, 2004
Lupus Erythematosus (In Russian)    March 28, 2004 Prevention of Birth Defects   March 28, 2004
Cardiogenic Shok   March 28, 2004 Tornadoes   March 28, 2004
Australia Antigen and the Biology of Hepatitis B   March 28, 2004 Vital Data (In Portuguese)   March 28, 2004
Ten Great Achievements of Public Health in US, 1900-1999 MMWR 1999  (In Russian)  March 28, 2004 INSUFICIENCIA RESPIRATORIA AGUDA. Part I (In Spanich)   Part II.   March 28, 2004
Contamination of Foods by Pathogens in the Environment    March 28, 2004 Vitamin K and Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn   March 28, 2004
Health in Russia: Internet Application (In Russian)   March 28, 2004 Non-Medical Determinants of Health   March 28, 2004
WHAT SHOULD PHYSICIANS KNOW ABOUT HEALTH ECONOMICS?   March 28, 2004 Physical activity and longevity. The Copenhagen City Heart Study    March 28, 2004
Evidence-Based Medicine: Promises and Problems   March 28, 2004 Health Economics and Health Policy   March 28, 2004
THE DECLINE OF MORTALITY IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE 20TH CENTURY   March 28, 2004 Food Safety Challenges from Farm to Table. Part I    Part II.   March 28, 2004
Reanimación del niño Críticamente enfermo (In Spanich)  March 28, 2004 A Historical Look at Tornadoes: Damage and Death   March 28, 2004
The bronchial asthma sharpening treatment (In Russian)  March 28, 2004 Basis treatment of the bronchial asthma (In Russian)   March 28, 2004
Molecular Biology of Memory: A Dialogue Between Genes and Synapses   March 28, 2004 Environmental Health and the Health Professional. Ecological Change and Human Health   March 28, 2004
Aneurismas de Aorta Abdominal Rotos (In Spanish)   March 28, 2004

Chronic pulmonary heart (In Russian)   March 28, 2004

Morbidity data: registries, surveillance (In Portuguese)   March 28, 2004 Endarterectomia Carotidea (In Spanish)   March 28, 2004
New Problems Of Environmental Health In Armenia (In Russian)    March 5, 2004 Public Healthpidemiology and Risk Assessment (2nd of 10 Lectures on Toxicologic Epidemiology) (In Spanish)   March 5, 2004
AVIAN INFLUENZA: Zoonosis    March 5, 2004 AIDS/ HIV – Current Senario   March 5, 2004
Geographic orientation for African countries with Human Immunodeficiency Virus    March 5, 2004 THE IMPACTS OF EXPERT SYSTEMS ON HEALTH CARE:ECONOMIC CONSIDERATIONS (In Russian)   March 5, 2004
TRASPLANTE PULMONAR (In Spanish)     March 5, 2004 Maternal Health Measurements   March 5, 2004
Cohort Studies (in Spanish)    March 5, 2004 Case-Control Studies (in Spanish)   March 5, 2004
Proposal writing     March 5, 2004 Tomography   March 5, 2004
Prevention of AIDS in South Africa    March 5, 2004 Some Considerations in Emergency Treatment   March 5, 2004
Measures of Disease Frequency Part I. (In Portuguese)    Part II. March 5, 2004 Rehabilitacion Pulmonar. Mecanismos de Mejoría (In Spanish)    March 5, 2004
PRIMARY CARE IN THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM    March 5, 2004 Nutritional Assessment of a Community      March 5, 2004
Mineral, Vitamins & Energy    March 5, 2004 Health Education   March 5, 2004
Essential Food Elements    March 5, 2004 Syphilis – Clinical Aspects of Late Syphilis. Part 4   March 5, 2004
Community Oriented Primary Care. An Overview      March 5, 2004 Supercourse. View from Ukraine.   March 5, 2004
D-Chiro-Inositol and its Role in Diabetes and Insulin Resistance   March 5, 2004 From Finch to Fish to Man: Role of Body Fluid Volume Regulation Part I.    Part II.   March 5, 2004
Economics of Tobacco: Myths and Realities. Part I   Part II   March 5, 2004 Syphilis – Congenital Syphilis. Part V.       March 5, 2004
Technology, Policy, and the Future of Nicotine Addiction. Part I.    Part II.  March 5, 2004 Standardized Rates and Ratios, Age/cohort/period Analysis (In Portuguese)   March 5, 2004
Health in Russia: Internet Application  revised  March 5, 2004 Validity, Reliability, Screening for Disease (In Portuguese)   March 5, 2004
Golden Lecture of Prevention (In Marathi)    March 5, 2004 Understanding Radiation (In Russian)    March 5, 2004
Diagnostics and treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (In Russian)   March 5, 2004 Semen quality in relation to exposure to currently used pesticides    March 5, 2004
The problems of malnutrition in Armenia (in Russian)    January 25, 2004 Syphilis – Clinical Aspects of Secondary Syphilis. Part III.   March 5, 2004
What is best for research communications? PP or journals. The first scientific evaluation   January 25, 2004 Public Health Consequences of Earthquakes. Part I.    Part II.   January 25, 2004
The comparing the electronic version of journal article with powerpoint variants - revised  January 25, 2004 QUALITY HEALTH CARE in COUNTRIES of FORMER SOVIET UNION  January 25, 2004
Mad Cow Disease Outbreak in the United States. Following the Story in USA Today.  January 25, 2004 National Centre for problems of healthy lifestyle development (in Russian)  January 25, 2004
Short History of NIH  January 25, 2004 From Papyrus to PowerPoint    January 25, 2004
Evolution of the Mad Cow Disease in the United States   January 25, 2004 Environmental Health : Examples from Turkey   (In Turkish) January 25, 2004
Nature and uses of epidemiology (In Portuguese)   January 25, 2004 Disease Transmission and Context (In Portuguese)   January 25, 2004
Disease Categorization and Classification(In Portuguese)  January 25, 2004 Population Sampling (In Portuguese)  January 25, 2004
Earthquake in Iran. Bam, December 26, 2003   January 25, 2004 Understanding Radiation    January 25, 2004
Anger Regulation Interventions: Research and Rationale  January 25, 2004 Artritis y Medicina Biológica  (In Spanish) January 25, 2004
A Basic Computer Assisted Learning Package for Epidemiology Students  January 25, 2004 Toxicology and Epidemiology (1st of 10 Lectures on Toxicologic Epidemiology) (In Spanish)  January 25, 2004
Syphilis – Syphilis Epidemiology. Part I.     Syphilis – Clinical Aspects of Primary Syphilis. Part II.  January 25, 2004 Programme on reduction of perinatal mortality in the Republic of Kazakhstan (in Russian)  January 25, 2004
The Fertility Transition in Historical Perspective   January 25, 2004 Adolescents and Reproductive Health (in Russian) January 25, 2004
Achievements of the Republic of Kazakhstan on recommendations of the VI CARK MCH Forum (in Russian)  January 25, 2004 Access and Quality of Primary Health Care with focus on Mother and Child Care (in Russian)   January 25, 2004
EPIDEMIOLOGY OF DIABETES – ITS HISTORY IN THE LAST 50 YEARS    January 25, 2004 Achievements in implementation of VI MCH CARK Forum recommendations(Kyrgyzstan) (in Russian)  January 25, 2004
National Health Expenditures in the Kyrgyz Republic(in Russian) January 25, 2004 Using verbal autopsy to assess to pass to death Infant Mortality in Talas oblast, Kyrgyzstan, Years 1997-2001 (in Russian)  January 25, 2004
Situation analisys on HIV vertical transmission (in Russian)  January 25, 2004 Nutrition and Health (in Russian)  January 25, 2004
SOME PROBLEMS OF AIR POLLUTION IN ARMENIA WITHIN POST-SOVIET PERIOD(in Russian)   January 25, 2004 Financing, Access, Quality and Outcomes in Primary Health Care: The case of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Part I (in Russian)  Part II     January 25, 2004
Longevity depends upon the economy and health care Part I   Part II  January 25, 2004 The burden of reproductive disease in rural women in The Gambia, West Africa Part I (in Spanish)    Part II     January 25, 2004
Occupational Health   January 25, 2004 BIRD FLU January 25, 2004
Principles of Risk and Crisis Communication with the Public   January 25, 2004 FAITH-BASED CAPACITY BUILDING FOR HIV/AIDS INTERVENTION PROGRAMS IN THE NORTH WEST PROVINCE OF CAMEROON Part I.  Part II.  January 25, 2004