Dr. Ibrahim Shehata is one of the most prominent men of law in the world. He is an Egyptian economist and intellectual, the former First Deputy to the President of the World Bank, and a holder of a PhD degree from Harvard University.

He obtained a BA in Law from Cairo University in 1975. Opportunity knocked in 1960 when he was sent by the Egyptian Government to Harvard University in the USA, where he obtained a PhD in International Law in 1964. Dr. Ibrahim Shehata’s professor wrote in the introduction to his dissertation that was later published throughout Europe, that the dissertation increased the value of PhD degrees from Harvard University. He stated that the dissertation does not only qualify its writer for a PhD degree from the well-established Harvard University, but also increases the value of this degree and of the University as a whole. This strong statement clearly reflected Dr. Ibrahim Shehata’s genius and foretold the future awaiting him.

Dr. Ibrahim Shehata did not suffice with his daily tasks as the First Deputy to the President of the World Bank, but was also involved in the preparation of many books and scientific articles in the fields of general international law and international economical development. He also took part in a number of projects affiliated to international conventions.